Jannie's Junk and Jems - Pot Pourri and Bowl

A massive thank you to Jannie of Jannie's Junk and Jems for sending me a gorgeous glass bowl filled with pot pourri - it makes my room smell great!

I started by one thing leading to another. I moved over here in Nov 2003, about a year after my mum passed on, with all the stuff I'd inherited - believe me it took 3 Luton vans full to over-flowing, plus a caravan full of stuff and a car loaded to the gunnels. I was stuck with a lot of stuff that I didn't have room for. A friend suggested I worked on the Vide Greniers (French version of our Car Boot Sales). I gave that a try for several years and became quite well known so people started asking if I would like to try and sell some of their items on my stall. That led to the House and Barn clearances. Because of the recession the trade on the Vide Greniers started to fall off so I looked around for another way of disposing of my treasures (more Junk than Jems). I discovered Etsy through another friend and have never looked back. I started with Jannies Junk And Jems then was asked by several friends if I could try to sell their items so opened Creuse Curios especially for friends who have limited computer access - we are in a very rural area with little access to Broad Band. I'm one of the lucky ones - Broad Band 24/7. The success of both these shops led to the opening of Glass Eyed Goblin, devoted to all things glass, shortly followed by Tin Tack for metal items.

The bowl is made from genuine French glass, which means it is less likely to shatter or break if dropped due to its thickness, which is great for a clumsy person such as myself. The lid is made from pewter, as well as the plaque, which complements the overall design of the bowl.

The bowl has a vintage look about it, and makes a nice showpiece within any room. The fragrance is gorgeous, and makes my room smell luscious. The aroma lasts for a few weeks without fading.

The pot pourri is environmentally friendly, and the colour goes perfectly with the rest of my room.

Just a Krazey Lady buying and selling Treasures and Trash.
Many of my items have actually been inherited from my parents or husbands (don't laugh - I've been widowed twice) but I do still search out that odd little jem from the back-waters of this very rural region of France.

The pewter lid is intricate and detailed with daffodils, which enhances the overall design of the bowl.

Check out Jannie's Etsys at:

- www.etsy.com/shop/TinTack?ref=si_shop

Thank you Jannie so much for the gorgeous bowl and pot pourri!!