Updates... (So Exciting, Right?!)

First up, you may have noticed that I have changed my blog button agan. It was originally made for a competition, but I decided that my old picture didn't really say anything positive about my blog (it was a cartoon awkward donkey wearing sunglasses.WOW.). But now I don't know if I should stick to the traditional red and white, or edit it to black and white. What do you think?

I have edited my gallery, so the pictures don't take up too much space, and I have reached the FABOO number of 2566 pageviews. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! And I promise you, when I reach 5000 pageviews I will host an IMMENSE competition  (I'll start buying the prizes now..(: ), and when I reach 50 followers, I will probably host another competition where you can have a six month subscription to the Adopt A Donkey charity. You're welcome(:

I was originally going to use today's post to put up the recipe that I used to make cakes yesterday, before they burnt so very badly. But now I might as well just do a few updates, as I've already started to do so(:

I have also removed my 'Hello Cotton' button, along with my 'I'll Add Your Button' button, because I thought they took up too much space. And I added all the other book challenges I'm participating in too, along with the layout of that page.
In the last poll where I wanted to find out what YOU think I should have more of on my blog. Here's the results;

Beauty Posts
  4 (44%)
Book Reviews
  2 (22%)
Author Interviews
  3 (33%)
Photo Posts
  1 (11%)
My Short Stories
  6 (66%)

Which I DID NOT expect at all. Honestly, I don't know what I was expecting, but that wasn't it. And I should have added 'Recipe Posts' and 'Funny Pictures Posts' and whatnot, but I didn't think about that at the time. Oops.

So, just for some fun, this week's poll is going to be a bit... out of the ordinary.

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

We all want to know the 'real' answer, but SOME people think it is funny to just say 'to get to the other side.' So we, as young Blog-ees, will get to the bottom of it. We will find out the truth. It is out duty to serve the--

Sorry, got a bit carried away. Anway, I will put that up later, when I have time.
Why would I NOT have some time, you may ask.

Well, tomorrow is...

My first Roller Skating lesson!!!


And it turns out that I sprained my wrist when I fell over the other day, so I had to get it all properly bandaged up. I'm OKAY now, don't worry, and I'm READY TO SKATE!!!!

So I'm going to PRACTISE, PRACTISE, PRACTISE so I am 100% ready to WOW my instructor with my FABOO skating skills.


Anyway, I think that this has been a VERY EXCITING, VERY INFORMATIVE, Update.

Don't you think?


P.S. My spellcheck has broken, so please ignore if I end up having some HORRIDIOUSLY spelt words. Thank you.

Sorry For Abandoning You... And, Uh, YAY!!(:

I know I haven't posted in three days; HOW DID YOU POSSIBLY SURVIVE?! My computer crashed so there was absolutely NO WAY ON EARTH that I could get to you...


But now I've got exactly FOURTEEN post ideas to put up, so I hope you forgive me(:

So, for the rest of today's post, I'm going to jump about and scream because Emily (http://eklobb.blogspot.co.uk/) and Neevie (http://totallyneevie.blogspot.co.uk/)  nominated me for the...


I'll add you both to my sidebar in thanks(:

Emily says on her blog that Liebster is 'a German word with about a million meanings: sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.' I know, right!! SO true! LOL.

The rules are...

1. Each blogger awarded must post 10 facts about themselves.
2. Each blogger awarded must post answers to the ten questions their tagger left for them.
3. Each blogger awarded must tag ten other bloggers.
4. Each blogger awarded must then set ten questions for all the bloggers that they tag.
5.  You may not tag the person who tagged you. 

Okay, so my ten facts are...

1. I want to spend the rest of my life surrounded by photography, rollerskates and, uh, donkeys.
2. I'm WELSH, though I've lost my accent ): . My best friend lives in Wales *waves*, so that's hard, but we plan on spending our Gap Year in New York, so that's okay(:
3. I absolutely ADORE the name Alaska- I want to publish my first book under it.
4. At the moment I'm baking a cake(: It's in the oven...
...Is that burning I smell?
5. I just took the most burnt cake in the whole of history out of the oven. Some people say that I CANNOT COOK. I like to think I CAN *ignores fire alarm*, and I want my own diner when I'm older... (called Cherry's diner- another name I ADORE)
6. I like to go rollerskating down a private road near my house, calling my dog Teddginton, and myself SkahBlehGrahGreh (SkyBlueGrassGreen). I'm rubbish at the accent, as you can tell.
7. I'm just about to (attempt to) make myself some pizza...
8. On Tuesday I found some BROWN STUFF in my sandwhich, which I bought from the school cantine. I'm now going Cantine-etarian.
9. I love going up to the park near my house, sitting under a tree on a wooden bench with a good book in my hands. Lush-A-Vee(:
10. I have a letter from Margaret Thatcher!! I can only imagine the jealousy you're feeling right now(:

And I'm guessing I should answer ALL TWENTY questions that I was sent...

Neevie asked me;

1. What's the best and worst thing about blogger?
The best thing is probably that I can talk about whatever I want to, and I can actually see if people like what they hear (or, uh, see). The worst must be that it takes ages for photos to load when I try to upload them. I once spent almost two hours uploading pictures, only for my computer to crash. I still need to re-write that post...

2. What inspired you to start a blog?
I just had SO much to talk about, and yet no one to share my thoughts with. I did originally have a diary-blog sort of thing where I had an online diary, but someone broke into it and saw EVERYRTHING that I'd written. *Shudders* Either that or the 'YOU HAD ONE VISITOR' message was from me after logging out...

3. What character in a book - who was not the main character - do you think should have a book where they are the main character?
Oooh, hard one!! Maybe in Small Blue Thing by S. C. Ransom, the evil Catherine that tries many times to sabotage Alex and Callum's life together. It would be nice to know exactly what she was thinking throughout the book, and why she did the things she did.

4. What book character do you secretly think you are similair to?
If I'm honest, I think there's an element of 'me' in each book. But I've never read a book with an exact match... Yet!

5. What do you want to be when you are older/ what did you want to be as a kid?
When I was younger I wanted to be an actress, dancer, midwife, doctor, scientist, make-up artist, lawyer, judge, police officer, singer, guitarist, journalist, illustrator, writer, vet, secretary, head teacher, photographer and cook; but each would be part-time! But now I just want to be a PRS (if you read my latest post, you'll know what I mean..) with my own gallery and diner (as I said earlier). Oh, and an illustrator and writer(:

6. What would be your worst job ever?
To be a Bore-Inducer! Basically, that's someone that works at Barclays or that creates toothpaste tubes or whatever; I'd be bored out of my skull! I just want to get out into the world and live my life - because what's the point of living when you haven't GOT a life???

7. Describe yourself and your blog in three words?
Weird, Wacky and.... DONKEY-OBSESSED!! (Not really 'three words', but who's counting?)

8. Any book recommendations for your blog readers?
Small Blue Thing by S. C Ranom all the way!

9. If you were to write a book, what would it be about?
Well, I like to write my own short books, and they're pretty much about EVERYTHING!! At the moment I'm writing about an Irish Traveller that runs away from home...

10. Who would play you in a movie of your life?
I seriously have no idea!! I'd like to think Emma Roberts or Anne Hathaway, but my friends would probably say Jhonny Depp as Willy Wonker, PFFT!

And Emily asked;

11. When and why did you start blogging?
See question #2

12. What's your favourite thing about blogging?
See question #1

13. It's the summer holidays and you want to indulge in a bit of screen-based entertainment. TV, Facebook or computer games?
TV all the way! I find Facebook a bit boring, and all I do on it is browse through my feed and read about what other people are doing - YAWN! And my computer crashes so much, I doubt it'd be able to hold up a computer game. Plus, I think they're a waste of time, whereas TV is full of information(:

14. Who are you closer to: your sibling or your BFF?
Well, my sister is pregnant at the moment (she's 29) with a baby boy called Bounty (well, she wants to call him Bobby, but I won't let her MWAHAHAHA!), but with a 16 year age gap (Is it? I'm rubbish at maths!) between us, we're not CLOSE-CLOSE-CLOSE, like a younger sister would be. I also have two brothers but one works on the radio and the other owns his own shop (they're 28 and 30), so we don't get to talk much. Yet, even though Alana (my BFF) is in Wales, we can talk about EVERYTHING via mobiles and emails and letters. Oh, I also have an African Penpal, but that'd be going a TWINGE off subject...

15. Where do you see yourself in fifteen years?
With all my GCSE's, having passed college and university, with my own gallery/diner, and being the first PRS.

16. If you could own one shop (as in, get anything you wanted, free, from it) what would it be?
Ooh, tough one! But it would HAVE to be WHSmiths, because the one nearest to me also sells a load of chocolate and sweets, and that's what I LIVE on!

17. What are you addicted to?
Chocolate, donkeys, rollerksating(:

18. Dog or cat?
DOG!!! Cats are boring(:

19. Are you a writer? If so, what genre do you write?
I like to think of myself as a writer, but I'm not published or anything YET. I write about anything to everything, EXCEPT science fiction. I find Sci-Fi boring too(:

20. Your favourite: author, book, film, actor, actress, fruit, chocolate bar, colour, animal?
I've started writing shorter answers because my computer's going to crash (I sense it), and now you ask me this! So I'll just say, S. C. Ransom, Small Blue Thing, The Simpsons Movie, Emma Roberts, Strawberry, Wispa, Red, Donkey.

The ten people I tag are...

1. Sophie!! http://a-day-dreamers-world.blogspot.co.uk/
2. D&A!! http://lolarosereviews.blogspot.co.uk/
3. Bex!! http://thisisthetickettolife.blogspot.co.uk/
4. Shakira!! http://www.bookblogandstuff.blogspot.co.uk/
5. Ebony!! http://ebonyblacklines.blogspot.co.uk/
6. Ella!! http://www.everythingaboutella.blogspot.co.uk/
7. Orli!! http://www.whatorlidid.blogspot.co.uk/
8. WOW!! http://writer-on-wheels.blogspot.co.uk/
9. Julia!! http://findyournextgoodread.blogspot.co.uk/
10. The Crew!! http://thebookbundle.blogspot.co.uk/

Sorry if you've already been nominated, but since I haven't have my precious computer for three days, I haven't been able to check, and this post is so long my brain is all frazzled (I don't actually know the last few blogs, that's how frazzled my brain is). And sorry if I didn't pick you either, blame my scrambled egg brain.

And, FINALLY, my ten questions are;

1. Are you an Air Person, Sea Person or Land Person?
2. Leather Sofa or Cushion Sofa?
3. Cinema or Home TV?
4. Phone or Pen&Paper?
5. Lapland or Ibeza?
6. Magic Radio Station or Radio One?
7. Tights or Leggins?
8. Red or Blue?
9. Concrete or Marble?
10. Daisies or Lilies?

Sorry if they're not very good, I just didn't want to re-ask the questions I was asked!
And YESSSS, I FINALLY completed the LONGEST POST EVER!!!!! I am so proud!!

Now I just need to spellcheck...


*Oh, and ignore the random white highlighting, but I don't know how to get rid of it...*


My Latest Hopes And Dreams...

Right now I am sitting with my left arm in a sling.

Er, sort of.

The sling is made of tights, but I like to think it still counts.

These are the lushest things I've ever seen(:

If you MUST know, the latest occupation I want to take up is Photography Roller Skating. Basically, a Photography Roller Skater is someone who takes photos whilst wearing skates. Clever, eh? I thought it all up by myself(:
I plan on being the first PRS (with my own gallery/diner too), so I'll know if any PRS's pop up anytime soon after reading my blog.... yes, I've already thought it all out. I will track you down, cut off your nose, and erm... keep it in a jar until it moulds away.

Uh-hu. I went there.

Anyway, the reason I a in a sling (I want sympathy comments too, people!) is because whilst trying out my new PRS skill, I fell backwards. To avoid smashing my head on the ground, I twisted my hands behind myself and tried to hold myself up. And since it is humanly-impossible to do so, not only did I scrape back all the skin on my hands, put so much pressure on my wrists they puffed up, ground my back against my floor and seriously dented my ego, but I'd also twisted back my left wrist.

I know, the pain we Skaters have to go through.

Also, whilst I'm on the subject of Skating, I really fancy taking some Skating lessons, so one day I can be as good as Tara Lipinski (won the Grand Nationals at the age of 8..). Also, I really do fancy winning myself some rosettes and trophies(:

There's a big 56 mile Roller-A-Thon, and I fancy going to that. I know that it's double the amount of miles than a Marathon, but hey, at least I can show off my skating skills.

So I'm going to go out and get myself a job. So then I can pay not only for lessons, but THESE lovely babies;

SFR Cosmic Quad Roller Skates

I know, there are blatantly THE BEST Skates ever invented. Oh, except for these;

Ventronic Boston II Leather Quad Roller Figure Skates
*The white ones*

But they were almost £100, and even though it's my dream to be a PRS, I'm also saving up for the camera of my dreams, which will be staying in my dreams if I waste my work money.


Okay. That post turned out to be longer than I expected.

Should I do that more often, or should I do really short posts?


Just S-S-M-M-I-I-L-L-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E!!!!

Just a quick (but not very short) post, because I've got a load of homework to do. I'm just going to upload some Pretty Pictures from google for you to look at. Some are edited, most aren't, but I promise, ALL are smiling...

And, just for the fun of it...


Donkey On A Mission; Task Three

As you know, Task Three of my Arachnophobic Mission is to watch a spider. And now, I am going to attempt to try the TERRIFYING TASK THREE.

Finds massive spider on wall in bedroom. Watches spider.

Spider hasn't moved in past three minutes.

Spider still hasn't moved.


Spider hasn't moved again.

Spider still hasn't moved.

Considers getting up to move and watch Spider Twins in other room.

Stops considering and sits down with chocolate bar in hand, Heart Radio playing in background.

I have now changed rooms. One of the Spider Twins have disappeared, so I'm stuck looking at Twin #2, who, like it's Mother (I'm guessing all this, in case you're worried about my sudden increase of Spider Information), is doing absolutely NOUGHT. Though, I did get Mother to move earlier, by screeching at the top of my voice. Not very civilised, I know, but she did wake up (another guess) and stretch her legs, so my plan sort-of worked. Oh, and she 'groomed' herself. I took some AWESOME photos of me getting quite close to the Twins, but the camera died so I'll probably load them all onto here when I've COMPLETELY FINISHED THE CHALLENGE.

Anyway, how can I get this spider to move? I don't want to get on the wrong side of it by annoying it, and I did take photos of the Twins earlier with the flash on, so I haven't earned myself a good reputation already.

Urgh, spiders are so boring. Are they nocturnal?


I give up.

So I'm going to take this post's information, and my last post's information, and say that I've completed Task Three. I might have done better but the Spiders OBVIOUSLY don't want to cure my arachnophobia. Pfft.


Interview With The FABOOO Author Karen McCombie!!

If you guys remember, a while back I hosted a competition to 'name the fish.' The winners could ask a 'Mystery Author' five questions of their choice. And so here as the winners answers, and the Mystery Author's answers!!

Hello Karen McCombie, thank you for letting me interview you.

        1. Why did you want to become an author?

It was an accident, sort of! I was working as a teenage magazine journalist (mostly writing quizzes and feel-good features) when I was asked to come up with some short stories for a magazine called 'Sugar' (the magazine is no longer around, through their website – Sugarscape – is). I realised I LOVED fiction, and tried to come up with an older teen book idea. It took a while, but finally one publisher commissioned me to write something for them. That first book turned into 71! (Currently working on my 72nd...)

2. How long have you wanted to be an author?
When I was eight, my teacher Miss Thomson suggested that perhaps I could be an author when I grew up. Maybe it was always at the back of my mind...

3. What's your favourite book not written by you?
It's a series called 'Little House on the Prairie' by Laura Ingalls Wilder. It's Laura's autobiography of growing up in America in pioneering times. I still re-read the whole series every few years.

4. What's your favourite book written by you?
'Ally's World' is very special to me because I came to feel the whole family in that book were relatives of mine! (Mad but true...) And my new novel 'Life According To Alice B. Lovely' makes me very happy too. I loved writing that.

5. Did you ever feel like giving up?
Not really. My first few books didn't sell loads, but I was still working part-time on magazines, so it wasn't an all-or-nothing thing. And once 'Ally's World' began to take off, I felt secure enough to give up the teen mags and be a full-time author.

6. Can you give a title or first line that we can turn into a story?
FIRST LINE: "One minute Sadie was there, the next she was gone..."

7. What was  your inspiration for your stories?
The diaries I kept from the age of 10-17 gave me HEAPS of ideas for the 'Ally's World' books.

8. Who/what inspired you to become an author?
Miss Thomson for praising my writing when I was an ultra-shy eight-year-old, and my friend Marina, who asked me to write the short stories in 'Sugar' magazine.

9. What are your tips for budding writers?
Get yourself a small, funky notebook and take it out with you in your bag or pocket. Anytime an idea hits, or you hear or see something/someone interesting, scribble it down. That scribbled bit of inspiration could help you next time you have to write a short story at school, or fancy doing a bit of writing at home for fun. 

10. How much do you write in one week? 
It depends on the week! If I have some school visits to do, I won't get as much written. On a good week, I can get a few thousand words done.

11. Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?
A bit of both. Whenever friends tell me something, they know there's a good chance that their rambles will end up in my books somewhere down the line.

12. If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
Well, he's not exactly a mentor, since I never met him and he's dead, but JD Salinger, who wrote the iconic teen novel 'Cather In The Rye', is a big hero. That book is just such a brilliant peek into an older teen boy's mind, even if it WAS written back in the 1950s.

13. What book are you reading now?
Sadly, I never have time to read much at the moment! I'm madly busy writing every minute I get, and that often includes evenings, once I get my daughter to bed. But I need recommendations, just in case I get myself some free time...

14. Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?
See above. Let me know who I'm missing!

15. If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?
Not in my latest. But there were a couple of things in two of my novels that I got talked out of doing, and I wish I'd fought harder for those elements.

And the questions I want to ask are...

 16. If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?
See above!

17. Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
It's hard when you have days when your brain seems frozen. When that happens, I tend to go out for a walk with my laptop, find a cafe and try writing there. Often the change of scene makes a real difference.

18. Who designed your book's covers?
The design department of each publisher I work with. I give them ideas about the story and themes and characters and they put something together, either themselves, or using illustrators. Though the silhouette of Alice B. Lovely is something I did! I just doodled it to give the design department an idea of what I thought would work - and they used it, much to my surprise.

19. What was the hardest part of writing your books?
See question 17.

20. Did you learn anything in particular from writing your books?
Just that I love doing my job, even with the occasional brain freeze and mad deadline!

21. When and why did you begin writing?
See question 1.

22. Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
I'll just send a group hug. *squeeze*

23. What made you give your books the title they have?
Sometimes the titles just pop into my head. 'Marshmallow Magic and the Wild Rose Rouge' was like that. Into my head it pinged, and I scribbled it into a notebook and let my mind wander to find a story to match. 

24. Is there a message in your books that you want readers to grasp?
I don't know if I have a message... but the messages I've had from some readers over the years make me very happy. In particular, girls who've felt like they're going through a difficult time for some reason and have said that reading my books cheered them up when they really needed it. That's good enough for me!

Thank you so much for this interview!

So, finally, the post that you were all waiting for!!


The AWESOMEST Song Ever!!!

Just a quick post featuring a YouTube Video I came across. I've been listening to it non-stop ever since I saw it!! Honestly, check it out!!

I know, isn't it the bestest thing you've heard?!?! And don't prey on the artists, buy their CD - I am LOL!!

A (: <3

When You Baby Your Baby Too Much. Urghh.

By 'Baby' I mean animals. And in particular, today I want to talk about Ferrets.

Because I'm going through a Ferret Frenzy (a friend at a 'dining establishery' as they want me to call it, has two ferrets, and they are so cute!!), I decided to search on Pets At Home at what you need to care for a Ferret. I found these...

Image forBrown Polka Dot Guinea Pig and Ferret Harness
Yep, you can really take your ferret for a walk...

Image forHamster Toilet by Ferplast
How civilised, a 'small animal potty...'

Yep, those are ACTUALLY SOLD IN STORE. Mind you, at Polly's Pets they even sell bird perches to attach to your shower side, so you and your bird can wash together...

Just thought it'd be something you'd like to see!!


Animales Glaorionnas!! Or Just 'Animals Galore' If You Want To Be Boring...

First up, I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU GUYS!!! You voted on my poll saying you want to read more of my own creations, and when I posted one yesterday, even a short one, no one replied!! Well that made me feel very special.... GRRR.

Anyway, I might start posting up regular Funny Pictures, because these were fun to search! All are from Google, and I found them quite funny to look at! This week's theme of Funny Pictures is of my Top Ten Favourite Wild Animals. ENJOY!!

10. Koalas!

9. Llamas!

8. Bats!

7. Foxes!

6. Cheetahs!

5. Turtles!

4. Zebras!

3. Lemurs!

2. Ferrets!

And, for obvious reasons, in 1st Place on my Top Ten Favourite Wild Animals list is... DONKEYS!!

Hope this made you laugh, it did me!!


Book Beginnings...

On my latest poll, YOU said that you want to read more of my short stories. Well, I have news for you - I've never actually finished a full story! Surprised? Well, I've written about 5,00,000,000,000 UNfinished stories, so I'll have to share those with you instead. Anyway, here's a quick story beginning, ALL FOR YOU (though somewhat copyrighted to me, unless you're into all that Art Theft stuff...), ENJOY!!!

“Lily? Lily Kent?!”
Mum turned around. “Maria Jackson? Is that really you?”
Uh uh, Maria Byford now.”
“Well I'm not Lily Kent anymore either. I'm Lily Tucker.”
“Oooh look at us...”

Simultaneously, Dad and someone else were talking.

“Jamie Byford? Why I haven't seen you since highschool!” Dad shouted.
“Elliott Tucker? But you left before the GCSE's? How are you doing...”

All at the same time, I was staring face to face with the most gorgeous boy I've ever seen. When he smiled, his whole face lit up.
“Umm, hi. I'm . Max Byford.” The King of Lusciousness said.
“I'm Tucker. Ketty tucker.” My heart was pounding against my ribcage.
Ketty Tucker? That's the name of my Mum's sister!”
“Yeah, it is a common name. I mean, uh, it's.. it's...”
I blushed. “Huh?”
“Our parents have just sat down at a table together at the new restaurant, Destiny.”
“Oh. I guess we better join them then.”
“Yes, we better.”
Is it alright? What do YOU think? HMMM?!?


Donkey On A Mission

I am on a mission. The grand mission of...


Have you ever heard of the saying, 'face your dragons'? It basically means to face your fears. My fear is spiders, which means I'm an arachnaphobiac. And so all I've got to do is face my fears of spiders. Easy, right?


That is what my Grand Mission is. I have a month to face it, and so by the 16th July I should no longer be afraid of spiders. Here's what I've got to do within this month-

1. Find the key focus of your arachnophobia. Basically, that means that you have to say what you hate about them and why.

2. Try to trace back to when the fear first started, and how. Think about what happened, and why you started to fear them so much.

3. Sit down and WATCH, just WATCH a spider without running away, screaming or freezing in fear. Just study what it does.

4. Create a life story for that spider. It should then seem much less freaky, and approachable.

5. Find a trapped indoor spider and let it outside. Maybe use a plastic cup or sheet of paper.

6. Finally, let a spider crawl over you. Don't react, tense up, scream, shake it off, anything. Just sit and watch it explore you.

I'm dreading Stage Seven!

You're probably thinking that it's such a stupid thing to be afraid of spiders, but I don't think it's as much them as me. I just think I'm scared of hurting them, I could never even THINK of harming one.

You may be afraid of mice, snakes, the dark, cows, macaroni cheese! Whatever it is, you can conquer it too. If you want, join in on my challenge! I'll be posting regular updates on this mission, so you'll know the ins and outs of whats occurring. 

There's one of these in the bathroom!! *Deep breaths*