Things To Do Before You Die...

First up, I know I didn't post yesterday, I'M SORRY!! But I was composing my ultimate bucketlist- Things To Do Before I Die! So hopefully, I'll have quite a bit of time to finish it. Just in case you want inspiration for YOUR bucketlist, or just want to read some of the wacky things I want to do, I thought it'd be a good idea to post about my bucketlist(: You're welcome(:

~My Bucketlist~

1.   Fly First Class
2.   Go to Disney Land Paris
3.   Go To Disney World Florida
4.   Build a Snow Cave in Antarctica
5.   Visit a volcano
6.   See The Mona Lisa
7.   See The Scream
8.   Have a photo next to the ‘H’ of Hollywood
9.   Ride a camel in Egypt
10.                     Ride in a Yot in America
11.                     Ride in a private jet over Wales
12.                     Ride in a Helicopter over Cannes
13.                     Feed a giraffe in Africa
14.                     Ride an elephant in Africa
15.                     Feed a lion at Chessington Zoo
16.                     Hold a tarantula at Chessington Zoo
17.                     Play with a tiger at a zoo
18.                     Swim with a whale
19.                     Swim with dolphins
20.                     Swim with turtles
21.                     Swim with sharks
22.                     See the Northern Lights
23.                     See the Taj Mahal
24.                     See the Great Wall Of China
25.                     See the Statue Of Liberty
26.                     Experience non-gravity
27.                     Ride in a sleigh pulled by huskies
28.                     Spend Christmas Day in Lapland
29.                     See the Grand Canons
30.                     Spend a night on a desert island
31.                     Go butt-boarding down a volcano
32.                     Ride the Tran-Siberian Express
33.                     Ride a donkey
34.                     Go to a La Tomatina in Spain
35.                     Enter a rollerskating competition
36.                     Get a rosette for horseriding
37.                     Enter my dog in a dogshow and get a rosette
38.                     Go skiing in Antarctica
39.                     Ride down Route 66
40.                     Climb Mount Fiji in Japan
41.                     Ride a Monster Truck
42.                     Go on the London Eye
43.                     Stay in the Ritz Hotel in London
44.                     Buy something from Hamleys in London
45.                     Have a look around Harrods in London
46.                     Buy something from Fortnum and Mason in London
47.                     See the Sphinx in Egypt
48.                     Have a photo next to a pyramid in Egypt
49.                     See the Leaning Tower Of Pisa
50.                     See the Empire State Building
51.                     See the Great Barrier Reef
52.                     Ride a train First Class
53.                     Slide down a hill on a sledge in the Artic
54.                     Have a photo with a penguin
55.                     Do an evil laugh in the middle of a shopping centre
56.                     Fly in a hot air balloon
57.                     Go parachuting
58.                     Go skydiving
59.                     Go waterskiing
60.                     Go canoeing
61.                     Write the story of my life
62.                     Watch all the James Bond films back to back
63.                     Sing along in a music store really loudly whilst wearing plastic headphones
64.                     Get in the Record Books
65.                     Run in fancy dress for charity
66.                     Have a bath of baked beans (semi-clothed, of course)
67.                     Complete a 50ft rock wall
68.                     Ride in an open lorry trailer
69.                     Jump on the roof of a car that’s about to go to a scrap yard
70.                     Work in a cafĂ© for six weeks
71.                     Walk a 25k marathon
72.                     Pretend to be invisible, and stand next to people saying, ‘don’t mind me, I’m INVISABLE’
73.                     But some outrageous sunglasses
74.                     Wind up a security guard
75.                     Send a message in a bottle
76.                     Make a kite and fly it
77.                     Test drive a car I can’t afford
78.                     Milk a cow
79.                     Go sphering
80.                     Use a portable toilet
81.                     Get honoured by the Queen
82.                     Shave a dog
83.                     Make my own pasta
84.                     Sleep outdoors watching the stars
85.                     Create an online alter-ego
86.                     Cook something I’ve grown
87.                     Resign a job by all-staff email
88.                     Go out shopping in just a Drizabone
89.                     Brew my own beer
90.                     Learn to throw a boomerang
91.                     Go surfing
92.                     Go snowboarding
93.                     Build a tree house
94.                     Do a Roar & Snore at the zoo
95.                     View a house I can’t afford
96.                     Hire a house boat
97.                     Go trekking, carrying all my gear
98.                     Build something that will outlast me
99.                     Crowd surf
100.               Be on TV
101.               Bungee jumo
102.               Hold a monkey
103.               Peel fifty potatoes and, turn them into chips, and then give all the chips to homeless people
104.               On a Halloween night, instead of asking for sweets, go around giving sweets to the house owners
105.               Collect the ingredients, and make my own peppermint tea
106.               Research my family tree
107.               Go to a bedding store in my pyjamas
108.               Cut my own hair
109.               Get involved in a protest rally
110.               Make a crowd sign for a sports (of any kind) match
111.               Leave a love note on a windscreen
112.               Build a giant sandcastle
113.               Blow a kiss to a Biker
114.               Wear fancy dress for a whole day
115.               Spend one hour in a lift, smiling and saying hello to everyone who gets in and out
116.               Help out at a soup kitchen
117.               Send flowers to a Florist
118.               Watch the sun rise, on a beach
119.               Watch the sun set, on a beach
120.               Make a cake for some teachers at an utterly ransom school
121.               Paint some gum on the road
122.               Decorate a bus shelter
123.               Graffiti some billboards, with tic-tac
124.               Go Para-Gliding
125.               Publish a book (before I’m sixteen)
126.               Handcuff a police officer
127.               Run 100 miles in 24 hours for charity
128.               Find an anthromite
129.               Bury a time casual
130.               Plant a tree and carve my name
131.               Have a night at the opera
132.               Play an elaborate practical joke
133.               Host a cocktail party
134.               Host a dinner party
135.               Spend Christmas Day at an Old Folks’ Home
136.               Meditate for three hours in one sitting
137.               Spend a week at sea
138.               Skinny dip at midnight
139.               Horse ride through the surf
140.               ~Have my own book signing
141.               Be on a talk show
142.               Have an article written about me in an newspaper
143.               Ride a race car
144.               Go to a film premiere
145.               At an animal shelter, go in the cage and play with a pack of puppies
146.               Carve a pumpkin
147.               Have a ‘conversation’ with a parrot
148.               Have a star named after me
149.               Stay in a five star hotel
150.               Get a painting of mine sold in a shop
151.               Ride a motorbike
152.               Eat a snail
153.               Eat frogs’ legs
154.               Cut an umbilical cord
155.               Go body blading
156.               Swing through the trees like Tarzan
157.               Make my own yoghurt
158.               Make my own jam
159.               Make my own cheese
160.               Go bald for charity
161.               Go carol singing
162.               Find a real horse shoe
163.               Blow and make a glass sculpture
164.               Be in a pantomime
165.               But an African a house
166.               Have a song written for me
167.               Audition for a film
168.               Sing at a bar
169.               Experience a solar eclipse
170.               Make my own shampoo
171.               Make my own perfume
172.               Make an origami swan
173.               Go hand-gliding
174.               Go swimming in my clothes
175.               Make a heap of autumn leaves, then take photos of children jumping in it
176.               Walk through knee deep mud
177.               Have a night at the ballet
178.               Take evening classes with a friend
179.               Take a tap dancing lesson
180.               Hug 100 strangers at a shopping centre
181.               Do a first aid course
182.               Visit my parents in a limousine
183.               Fast for 48 hours, and give the money I would have spent on food to charity
184.               Skip with my kids along a beach
185.               Take a days’ Vow Of Silence
186.               Give blood

And I'm just going to add and add to it!!(:

So, what's on YOUR bucketlist? Do you fancy doing some of my things? What would you hate to do? COMMENT!!(:



  1. Yeah, so obviously, I've done:
    No. 26
    No. 31
    No. 40
    No. 55
    No. 63
    No. 69
    No. 72
    No. 81
    No. 107
    No. 113
    No. 115
    No. 123
    No. 126
    No. 135
    No. 180

    Yeah, just kidding... probably...

    Anyway, I'm really pleased to say I HAVE done number 100! Yeah, I know! It was on Sky 1 and everything!

  2. I am so jealous lol!! What did you do on Sky One? <3

  3. Hi there,
    Just stumbled upon your blog - so inspiring! Would love to know how you're progressing along!
    Oh, and honestly, how could I resist your promise of loving me forever if I were to comment. :P
    Good luck in any case. Hope you have an indulgent and decadent life!