Let's Timetravel...

Honestly, I had no idea on what to write about today. And so eventually I decided to write about my future life, because it'll take a while to find out whether it all comes true or not. So, buckle your seatbelts, tie on your helmet, we're going to travel through a time in the future...

I would want either a bright green VW Camper Van, or an >>

>>orange VW Camper Van, just because they look immensely cool and are blatantly the most boboniac-ist things ever invented(:

I would want to go to Pratt Art College in New York, because I believe that New York would present more opportunities than, say, England, and it's a place just BRIMMING with inspiration..

Because, really, can you really see a Boring Benjamin huddling along around here?

For university, I would want to go to the New York University, although I'm not 100% as to what I'd want to study there just yet.

Once I've left University, I'd like a simple place like this to start my life off with. Then I may go for something bigger(:

Oh, and I'd love it to be surrounded by flowers and trees. Of course, I wouldn't want to stay in New York my WHOLE life, I'd want to travel anywhere and everywhere; maybe one country every week. I'd like to go back to Wales sometime, and I want to visit Paris and Florida and all those widely advertised holiday places too.

I would want a half Border Collie, half Jack Russel dog as I think that they are Gorgeous with a capital G.

I'd quite like to be a full-time photographer, but since there aren't many of those jobs around these days I may just have to have it as a hobby.

I would also quite like to be a Designer, as I'd love experimenting and creating the outfits. I don't know how people can just sit at desks all day; I swear, I'd die of boredom!

I would love to be a guitarist too. At the moment I'm taking the Preliminary Grade, which is only about 50 grades less than an actual professional Guitaristian

Another thing I would love to be is an artist or illustrator. Apparently I have a 'skill' at drawing, but I don't think I'm good enough to be a Professional Artist just yet.

I want to be an author, and my goal is to publish a book before I'm 16. I'm forever scribbling down book ideas.

I literally just decided that I'd like to enter my future dog into dog shows, because I love to idea of littering the house with rosettes!

I'd want my own magazine company when I'm older if I don't make it into the book publishing family, because... well, just because.

I'd want to get married sometime in my life, and I've already planned that I'd meet that person at College. Whether I do or not is a different matter altogether.

Once I've got the most out of my life, and it won't get any bigger and better, I'd have kids. I'd only have about two mind, and only once Scientists have developed a way to 'plant' the babies, because I wouldn't be able to stand the pain ..

I'd want to be a very 'socialable' person, that 'does' things. I'd hate to be stuck up in doors with just the TV screen to keep me company.

But honestly, right now I just want to get out of school and start living my life. I don't want to hold back. I have so much to give the world, but it's not exactly 'legal' to go straight into College from Year 8 of Secondary School. *Sigh*

So now you've seen a glimpse of my future, I'm hoping you can go to sleep in peace. I know for a fact that I won't, because I saw a live Punch & Judy show with my four-year-old niece earlier, and it scared the living daylights out of me.


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