First up, I know yesterday's post was so long and I'm sorry!! Also, thank you so much for making my blog reach 2,000 HITS!!!!!! You are totally immense!! And thank you to all my followers, you've just made my blog grow even bigger and better!! When I reach 50 followers, I'll do a MASSIVE giveaway to everyone that's made my blog such a success, honestly I can't thank you enough!!

Anyway, so I thought that as a little thankyou, I'd put up some pretty pictures to look at...(:

Shook it too hard...

I made it(:

There was a spider...


My Cacti!

The world without Technicolour...

Young love...


But lets not forget the reason we're all here...

Oops, wrong picture...

No, THESE are why this blog was made...

 AREN'T THEY SWEET?! Pretty good inspiration for a blog, I think(:

And I'm going to add a page of all my reviews I've written this year, just to remind you of all the reviews I've done this year(:

ALSO, I'd going to add a review poll once I've posted this, because your feedback matters!!

I won a competition with this over at with this, and I thought you'd like to see it(:

So thank you again so much for all your support, I TOTALLY LOVE YOU!!(:

awkwarddonkey(: *Got tired of AAWAD*


  1. Congrats Amy! My blog is a mess at the moment just trying to sort it out. Loving all the photos, how do you add a new page? Want to add a page of my own stories. Just posted one the other day you can check it now if you want.
    Sophie:D who is loving your blog

    1. Haha thanks(: Go onto 'design' on the top of your screen, click 'pages' then click 'edit' then 'new page.' Once you've written whatever you want to write, click 'save arrangement,' I knep forgetting to click that lol!
      awkwarddonkey(: that loves your blog back lol!

  2. :0 :0 :0 you have a CACTI??? JEALOUSY MUCH!!!!

    1. Haha, it's only a small one mind; I wanted the really cool 25ft one but it was like £200!

    2. Loool...also, I doubt it'd fit in your house :L