When You Baby Your Baby Too Much. Urghh.

By 'Baby' I mean animals. And in particular, today I want to talk about Ferrets.

Because I'm going through a Ferret Frenzy (a friend at a 'dining establishery' as they want me to call it, has two ferrets, and they are so cute!!), I decided to search on Pets At Home at what you need to care for a Ferret. I found these...

Image forBrown Polka Dot Guinea Pig and Ferret Harness
Yep, you can really take your ferret for a walk...

Image forHamster Toilet by Ferplast
How civilised, a 'small animal potty...'

Yep, those are ACTUALLY SOLD IN STORE. Mind you, at Polly's Pets they even sell bird perches to attach to your shower side, so you and your bird can wash together...

Just thought it'd be something you'd like to see!!



  1. That is the weirdest and funniest things I've ever seen(the shower & parrot) I'd be afraid it would give me a peck!!!

    1. Haha(: And you can tell that the budgie is enjoying that shower SO MUCH lol!<3