My Latest Hopes And Dreams...

Right now I am sitting with my left arm in a sling.

Er, sort of.

The sling is made of tights, but I like to think it still counts.

These are the lushest things I've ever seen(:

If you MUST know, the latest occupation I want to take up is Photography Roller Skating. Basically, a Photography Roller Skater is someone who takes photos whilst wearing skates. Clever, eh? I thought it all up by myself(:
I plan on being the first PRS (with my own gallery/diner too), so I'll know if any PRS's pop up anytime soon after reading my blog.... yes, I've already thought it all out. I will track you down, cut off your nose, and erm... keep it in a jar until it moulds away.

Uh-hu. I went there.

Anyway, the reason I a in a sling (I want sympathy comments too, people!) is because whilst trying out my new PRS skill, I fell backwards. To avoid smashing my head on the ground, I twisted my hands behind myself and tried to hold myself up. And since it is humanly-impossible to do so, not only did I scrape back all the skin on my hands, put so much pressure on my wrists they puffed up, ground my back against my floor and seriously dented my ego, but I'd also twisted back my left wrist.

I know, the pain we Skaters have to go through.

Also, whilst I'm on the subject of Skating, I really fancy taking some Skating lessons, so one day I can be as good as Tara Lipinski (won the Grand Nationals at the age of 8..). Also, I really do fancy winning myself some rosettes and trophies(:

There's a big 56 mile Roller-A-Thon, and I fancy going to that. I know that it's double the amount of miles than a Marathon, but hey, at least I can show off my skating skills.

So I'm going to go out and get myself a job. So then I can pay not only for lessons, but THESE lovely babies;

SFR Cosmic Quad Roller Skates

I know, there are blatantly THE BEST Skates ever invented. Oh, except for these;

Ventronic Boston II Leather Quad Roller Figure Skates
*The white ones*

But they were almost £100, and even though it's my dream to be a PRS, I'm also saving up for the camera of my dreams, which will be staying in my dreams if I waste my work money.


Okay. That post turned out to be longer than I expected.

Should I do that more often, or should I do really short posts?



  1. Nah, I like long posts :) when they're about something interesting, that is...

  2. What are you like, huh? It could only happen to you. ;) Are you alright? :)

  3. Hey Amy, I just awarded you with the Liester Blog Award! You should check out my post to find out what you have to do! I promise it's a really fun award! Enjoy:

    Neevie x

    1. Same here! :)