Be Kind To Your Books

One thing that really gets me about certain book readers is the way they treat their books. Here's my Top Five Reading Worries;

My Top Five Reading Worries

1. I absolutely hate it when people bend back pages in their books, instead of using bookmarks. I mean, WHY would you do that?!?!?!?! I understand of course, but instead of bookmarks you could just use some scrap paper, crisp packets, food packaging; anything except for BENDING THE PAGES!! Because once you've done that, there's no turning back. You'll have bent book pages for the rest of your life, and unless you iron out the pages (not exactly recommended), you would have physically abused a SLICE OF A TREE, WITHOUT EVEN A SECOND THOUGHT.

2.I can't stand it when people break the spines of books by bending the book back too much. It always leaves little crinkles, and makes the book look cheap and rubbish looking. So whenever I read a book, I'm SUPER careful and I only open it a few centimetres so I can read the words without damaging the book. Not the best approach, I admit, but  it works.

3. I think it's HORRIDIOUS when people leave books flat on their fronts. Again, you don't need a bookmark for this sort of thing, just some scrap paper or rubbish. The book of the spine snaps and then whenever you close the book, you'll still be left with the same page open. 

4. I don't know how people can BEAR to bend the book all the way round whilst reading. I felt really guilty the first time I did it, and never did it again. Because not only are the pages all crooked after, but the glue breaks away from the pages, and so you're left with a massive gap of no-pages in the book. And the spine is then bent so far back, it makes an arch shape. It's a truly horrible sight.

5. And lastly, I absoluetely CANNOT STAND when people WRITE or DRAW in books. Sure, it's their books, but how would THEY feel if a tree was to come up to them, chop them down, slice them up, glue them back together, print ink of them and then write on them?!?!?!?!! Pretty awful, right?!?!

So yes, I feel REALLY-QUITE-STRONGLY about Book Abuse.

How do you feel about it? What do you hate?


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