Internationally Famous Professional Artistic Quad Skater Champion

Remember that I wrote a post a few days about how 'books influence my life' and told you all about my life long dream? Well my dream is now a reality.


When I got home from school, I saw this lovely box outside my front door.

Of course, I didn't want to become an internationally famous professional artistic cardboard box champion, I wanted to be something else.

So I opened the box...

Aren't they just gorgeous! Here's what they look like on grass...

And in black and white...


So, I put them on and headed straight out the door (after kissing and stroking them repeatedly), only to land straight on my tail bone (also known as a coccyx). I'm still crouched over in pain.

But, nevertheless, I hobbled on up the road.

Considering I haven't been on in-line skates in donkey's years (ironic), it was no surprise when I started rolling down the hill on my Quads.

I put my hands out in front of me, to stop myself from injuring myself (much), and then went straight into the newly painted garden fence. I'm still scrubbing yellow paint off my hands.

I dodged out of the way of a car, and ignored some silly snickering Primary school kids.

I eventually made it to my destination, and started skating about on the smooth floor of the Village Hall's car park.

I've never felt so alive in my life.

I raced around, wind rustling my hair, filling my body with oxygen.

The bad thing?

I couldn't stop.

And by then I was heading straight for the road.

I screamed, and held my hands out in front of me again, crashing straight into a metal pole.

With my hand twisted at a weird angle, I skated home.

Of course, my house lives at the bottom of the hill.

And, because things ALWAYS have to get worse, my brakes just happened to fall off RIGHT THEN.


As I raced down the hill at 200 miles per hour, I reached out and clung onto a bush for dear life.

The bush came apart, and there were just big chunks of leaves left in my hands.

I fell onto the ground face first, and started rolling.



I stopped right outside my house, dizzy.

I took my Quads off, placed them by the front door, ran up to my bedroom and slammed the door behind me.

I don't think I'm going to become a Internationally Famous Professional Artistic Quad Skater Champion any time soon. Or in the near future.

I'll try again tomorrow.

Once I've bought a helmet.


  1. Haha! Amazing post! I made you an image (basically your old background, but without the white bits around the donkey) do you have an email address for your blog (e.g mine is : 'Coz if you do then I can send it to you! I would leave it in a comment but you can't put pictures in comments!

    Neevie xoxo

    1. Ohmygoshthankyousomuchyoudidnthaveto!!! My email is Can't wait to see!