Triple Review!

Right, I'm now going to write..


I've never done one of these before, so please excuse me if it goes all skew-whiff..


Title: Strike A Pose, Daizy Star
Author: Cathy Cassidy
Liked: That the book had many comedy elements
Disliked: That the book was too young for me
Rate: 6/10
Recommend: Ages 9+
Opening paragraph: We are lolling about on the sofa, watching my little sister Pixie's DVD of The Little Mermaid for the 379th time and sipping hot chocolate with marshmallows on top. Pixie is spellbound. She knows every scene, every word, off by heart. It is her favourite DVD of all time.


Title: The Sky Is Everywhere
Author: Jandy Nelson
Liked: That I could never guess what was going to happen next, and the images it'd show you at the end of each chapter
Disliked: It was really depressing (but then again it would be if it's a book about trying to deal with the passing of your sister)
Rate: 9/10
Recommend: Ages 13+
Opening paragraph: Gram is worried about me. It's not just because my sister Bailey died four weeks ago, or because my mother hasn't contacted me in sixteen years, or even because suddenly all I think about is sex. She is worried about me because one of her houseplants have spots.


Title: Ice Dreams
Author: Jo Cotterill
Liked: The book was so descriptive, even I now want to become a professional ice-skater
Disliked: The storyline was somewhat predictable
Rate: 8/10
Recommend: Ages 11+
Opening paragraph: The air was chilly, but Tania didn't feel it as she skimmed across the ice, her skates cutting perfect curves in the surface. Wearing a navy practice dress, dark tights and legwarmers and with her dark ponytail, her slim figure stood out strongly against the white expanse. There were other skaters on the ice, but Tania knew that the smattering of spectators only had eyes for her.

How'd it go? Did my triple review make sense?


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