Four Out Of Six

Well, today I received my forth Blue Peter Badge in the post, and I just thought you'd be interested to hear about them.

The first badge I won was the Blue Badge;

I won it by writing a poem about the Blue Peter Pets. I can't remember it exactly, but it was about Shellie the turtle being shy and Lucy the dog being sly and Cookie being 'the cat that likes the attention.'

The second badge I won was the Green Badge;

I won this one by sending off loads of facts about the environment. I'd done a three-minute-long presentation to show in front of my class, and since I;d learnt a lot from my research, I figured it was worth a go to send them a load of facts.

The third I won was the Silver Badge;

Sorry it's a bit blurred

I won the Silver Badge by sending in a drawing I'd done of an eye. I still have the copy of it somewhere in my bedroom.

And finally, the badge I received today was...

Just ignore the camera reflected in the mirror

Drumroll please...

The Purple Badge!

To win this one I'd done a review of their show. I wish I could show this to you too, but of course I'd sent it off to them without photocopying it or anything.

All I need to do now is win the Purple Badge (by being a runner-up in one of their competitions) and the Gold Badge. I'd sent off an entry for the Gold Badge, but they didn't reply. So I sent it again. And again. And again. So eventually they gave in and sent me a signed postcard from the cast with a load of stickers.

My entry was from when I was on my bike and went in front of a car. The Gold Badge is for extreme bravery and I honestly think I could have got it.

Alas, I've come to the end of the post. Only because I'm off to send another Gold Badge entry...


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