Update On Little Green Seed

You should be like 'OMG! Little Green Seed! AAWAD, how's your orange tree? Is he alright? Coping well? How do you feel about being the proud owner of an orange-tree-to-be? I bet it must feel AWESOME...'

But for those of you who are shouting, 'ERM, AAWAD, what the FLYING FLAMINGO are you on about?!?!? Who's Little Green Seed??! And why is HE so special?!?!?!'

Well, Little Green Seed is my beloved orange-tree-to-be, mentioned a few posts back. He is so special because... well. He just is.

I just thought that you lovely, interested people would like an update on him, see how he's doing. RIIIIIGHT??

Little Green Seed, isn't he gorgeous?

An Adrenalin Junkie from SUCH a young age... Brings tears to the eyes, really, it does

He's got arms! Oh hallelujah!

Swaying in the breeze...

And THAT, my friends, is Little Green Seed, aged three weeks old.



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