My Orange Tree

Yes, you heard right, I HAVE AN ORANGE TREE!

Well, I haven't exactly got a tree yet, but it's growing...

 Meet Little Green Seed!

Grown from the insides of his mother, from scratch

I'll have to water him again in a minute, once I've finished blogging 

There were a few mushrooms in there, but somehow the wind was so strong a few days ago, it blew them away without blowing the pot off the side. 

Isn't he cute!

And he lives outside the window(: 

And that is Little Green Seed(:

I just thought you'd like to know about Little Green Seed and his wonderful life outside the window. I'll keep you updated with the progress of his life(:



  1. I'd love to do that! I love nature and stuff like that! X

    1. You should try it, it's really easy! I didn't have any instructions or anything, so I guessed. All you need to do is pick the biggest seed you can in an orange you've eaten, fill an eggcup with water, peel back the thick skin of the seed and plop it in the water. Leave it for about two weeks and you'll have a TINY little green orange tree curled up around itself. Give it a few more weeks until it grows roots and then plant it in a small pot full of soil. Water once every two days and it will GROW GROW GROW! I tried seven attempts to get the perfect ball of green(:

      Honestly, you should try it, it's SO easy!

      AAWAD (: <3