A Change Here, A Change There...

To celebrate my 1364th Blog View, I have changed my blog ONCE AGAIN!! The URL has been changed to http://awkwarddonkey.blogspot.co.uk/ , my blog's name has changed to Life Of An Awkward Donkey, my name has changed to A.A.W.A.D (Amy-Anne Williams -AKA- Awkward Donkey), and really I'm just looking for other ways to make my blog BIGGER and BETTER.

Any other things I can do to make my blog better, just comment below and let me know. Also, incase you haven't noticed, you don't have to be a member of Google or anything to comment anymore, as I know how that can get on people's nerves.

So, come on, SPEAK UP, PEOPLE! This is YOUR blog! (Technically mine, but made for you(: )

A.A.W.A.D (: <3


  1. Hi, how do you change it so everyone can make a comment

    1. Go onto 'Design' at the top of the page, scroll down and click 'Settings', click 'Posts and Comments' and you can edit it from there.

      AAWAD (: <3