The Ultimate Question Of The Week

Today's Ultimate Question Of The Week (for Question Saturday) is,

"Who would you rather be?
a) A friendless loser
b) Someone with tons of friends that secretly hate you."

This week's Ultimate Question has been taken from The Clique by Lisi Harrison.

I would actually rather be a) than b), because I think that either way you'd have no friends, but with b) everyone would hate you. With a)  you'd still get a chance to make friends, but with b) everyone is already against you. I'd hate the rumours passed around too, and I'd never even know about them.

Which would you rather be? And why?

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AAWAD (: <3


  1. I think I'd rather be A. It's better to be yourself with no friends than be fake with loads.

  2. Exactly my point!

    AAWAD (: <3