Earth Bound

Just because I don't know what else to talk about today, I'll be sharing with you some of my English homework. It's not my best work, as we only had about 15 minutes to write it, but I guess you'll want to read it, nevertheless.

First day of High School. Normal people would be excited, over the moon. Normal people would be scared; filled with nerves. Normal people would have their bags ready, nagging parents to drive them to their first day of school.
But I’m not normal.  I’m not excited, over the moon, scared, filled with nerves, whatever. My bag isn’t ready, and I would definitely NOT ask my parents to drop me off at school
My name’s Robin. The river’s my blood, the soil my bones, plants and animals my organs. Yeah, I’m Robin Rouscoe, And I’m Earth Bound.
The Cadlin arrived right on time. I shouted goodbye to my so-called family. I left and saw them fall to their knees and turn to ash.
Earth Bound, born from the most delicate of flowers to be  passed onto a ‘family’ of Protectors until the Earth Apprentice is old enough to go to high School. No love, joy, nor happiness. Just Protectors to stop the Earth Apprentice from leaving. Once those bound to the earth can leave with permission, the Protectors crumble out of relief.
This isn’t a fairytale to be proud of.
“Miss Rouscoe,’ The Cadlin driver said to me. “Take a seat, your package is awaiting prior #’16.”
There’s very few of us remaining. All our ancestors died out, and now we’re left with the hopeless Apprentices; Earth Bound, Sorcerers, Telekenisisions, Mind Meddlers.
I went to the back of the Cadlin and saw a sign on seat #16 labelled in big letters, ‘Magician Of Earth’,
I sat down and ripped off a bag dangling from a piece of string above me.
Just as I was about to open it, the Cadlin driver shouted into a microphone. “Buckle your seatbelts, Gentle Dees and Lad Men!”
Everyone else on the Cadlin screamed with joy. Confused with the commotion, I sank back into my seat.
And the Cadlin galloped into the air...
And flew.
The Cadlin skidded to a halt. I paused to get my breath back, and then opened the bag.
Inside was...
A bracelet.
Nothing but a bracelet.
No survival kit, pencil case, books, lunch. No nothing.
But then I took a closer look at the bracelet.
It had about ten beads on it, with clips attached to each one. There was a green one, a blue one, a red one; each with different symbols engraved on them.
I stroked a pale  grey  bead, and the breeze around me began to strengthen.
More. More. More.
I had a sudden urge to unclip the grey bead, but just then, a piercing screech erupted from somewhere behind me, and a woman in maybe her mid-fifties came running towards me.
“No, no, no, no!” She shouted in my face. She started shaking my shoulders back and forth, back and forth. “Too powerful!” She continued. “Earth dies out! Dies out!”
“Whoa, Maisie,” another voice said. “Let the girl go, it’s her first day. Don’t spoil it by telling her she’s going to end the world. Because she isn’t.”
Maisie laughed a high pitched wail of a laugh. “Richard, dear. Robin hasn’t ended the world, you’re right.  Or, at least, she hasn’t ended it yet.

Does it make any sense? Would you want to read more of it? What could I do to improve?

Thanks for your never-ending advice and criticism(:



  1. It's really good! At first I was a bitt freaked out when you said the parents fell to their knees and turned to dust! Will therre be a next installment? I want to read more!!

    Tiffany xx

    1. Ermm, I don't really know!! I wouldn't want to ruin what I've got at the moment by going on andd on about what she's going to do at her school, but I do want to write more! I might write more and save them as drafts until I know they'll work.

      AAWAD (: <3