Yep, Bex you heard right! A WHOLE POST dedicated in Thanks to YOU.

Other readers out there, you're probably like, 'WHAT THE HECK?!?! I WANT A POST TOO!!!' But to do that you'd have to choose me to win your very recent, very nice competition and then be prepared to send me the prizes.


Blahh, it was worth a try.

Anyway, I'd won Bex's latest competition. My entry was this;

And I WON!!

And so here's what she sent me (because I know how much you like Stuff);

 Summary (notice the very nice paper it came in. I didn't put up the whole thing because it had my address on it..)

 In black and white, you know, experimenting...

 The FABOO notebook (it's handmade, may I add)

 The bracelets (omigosh, nice right?)

 The broach (took me ages to get my camera settings perfect)

The earrings (again, ages with the camera settings) 

The brown bracelet, each ball is like a birds cage, with space inside and the barriers around it, if you catch my drift (and again, ages with the camera settings)

 The silver bracelet with the pastel beads and light blue woollen Dangler (and AGAIN, ages with the camera settings)

 The silver bracelet with the pastel beads and charms (once again, ages with the camera settings)

 I think this one looks like a donkey...

 The blue and brown glass bead bracelet (again, ages with the camera settings)

 The notebook

 Yes, the donkey charm REALLY flies...

 Black and white summary of what I won

*And she sent me a cute vintage compact mirror, but my camera died before I could take a close-up of it.*

So yeah, I think it's a pretty good reason to dedicate a post to Bex, because she had to pay out for the post and packaging and everything as well.


Visit her blog here at



  1. Sounds amazing! I can't wait till I get my second place prizE! When did you get yours cuz I haven't got mine? x

  2. I got mine yesterday<3