Quickfire Reviews (39-41)

I'm going to do my second Quick-Fire round of reviews, so watch out!

Thirty-Ninth Review

Title: The World According To Humphrey
Author: Betty G. Birney
Liked: It was a happy book and was nice as a quick read
Disliked: I think it was too young for my age group
Rate: 5/10
Reason: Too young for me
Recommend: For young readers; ages 7+

Fortieth Review

Title: Dork Diaries; How To Dork Your Diary
Author: Rachel Renee Russell
Liked: That it also doubled up as a diary and including tips for that diary
Disliked: There wasn't much of a storyline
Rate: 8/10
Reason: I enjoyed it, but the storyline stopped it from rating higher
Recommend: Ages 10+

Forty-First Review

Title: I Found Your Diary
Author: Frances Thomas
Liked: The storyline; it had potential
Disliked: There were too many things going on at once
Rate: 4/10
Reason: It was a bit boring, and just carried on and on..
Recommend: I would say ages 8+ but some parts of the book has made me move it up to 12+

I also read Blood Brothers, but the scripted version; just a few hundred pages of the play's script (if that makes sense), but I'm not sure if that'd actually count as a novel, which are the only books I read AND review on here.


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