Ultimate Question Of The Week

Last week's Ultimate Question was 'Who would you rather be? (a) A friendless loser or (b) Someone with tons of friends that secretly hate you,' which was taken from Lisi Harrison's book, The Clique. The poll results was seven votes (come ON, people!), with 99.6% of the results saying (a) whilst only 4% said (b). So basically six said (a) whilst one said (b).

Anyway, this week's Question Of The Week is inspired by Rachel Caine's series, 'The Morganville Vampires,' and it is;

Would you rather be;
a) A vampire
b) A werewolf
c) A witch
d) A sorcerer
e) Someone who sees ghosts
f) A telekenisision

(Woah, (f) was hard to spell...)

Just in case you don't know, (a) is someone who sucks blood, (b) is a sort of Mega-Wolf, (c) is a female spell-caster, (d) is a male spell-caster, (e) is just self explanatory and (f) is someone who can move things with their minds. PS, SAFETY WARNING, these come from old tales and legends, so please don't freak out if I've scared you or anything. And besides, you can always call the BBC Helpline, they know everything.

Anyway, comment with your reasons, or vote on the poll is you can't be asked to click a few buttons..(:


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