Guess what happened today. Go on, guess!

Arghh, you guys have no imagination. Seriously.


Only one of her many hundreds of books. (My favourite, one of the ones I took into school with me)

At Lunch today, my friends and I went to the library and waited. You see, we'd raised almost £200 for her to come, by hosting Cake Sales and everything. Of course, the teachers only decided to tell us YESTERDAY. Grrrrr...

Anyway, we set up the chairs and SHE CAME! Not that I expected her not to, obviously, it was just unexpected that she was REAL. Erghh, I know how bad that sounds. I've seen many authors at events and stuff, it's just that feeling when you see an author for the first time, after reading their books so many times. It's... unreal. If you catch my drift.

She sat down and talked to us about inspiration and what she does and hopes and dreams. I've already read it all on her Q&A section on her website, but it was a different sort of thing to hear her say those things. I didn't ask any questions, I already knew the answers. Plus I've already interviewed her.

But the way she talked about her books. It was... deep. Honestly, I almost shed a tear back there.

We had refreshments, and in less than a few seconds she had to GO AGAIN. Of course, it wasn't just a few seconds, but it felt like it. Time just zoomed past. I took her down to Reception, but I had no idea what to say. I just walked along, trying to calm myself down over the fact that she was RIGHT THERE. I should have said something, but I didn't. I had no idea what to say!

We parted, but the second she left I realised something.

I had her books in my bag! I really wanted her to sign them! But in the rush of things I didn't, and I could hardly turn back and run after her.

I could have kicked myself. Seriously.

But I'd had a picture with her, and I'd actually GONE THROUGH AND RAISED THE MONEY, and my English teacher wants me to write an article on the day for the School Newsletter, and you know, JEAN URE HAD COME TO MY SCHOOL. THAT was worth it.

Overall, it was a pretty awesome day. It was so inspirational! And then, after, to use up the last twenty minutes left of school, we wrote our own mini books.

Want to know what mine was about?

A Vampire called Valencia who has had a curse put apon her- she's now a vampire.

I'll let you knwo how that goes.

Thanks for reading,



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  2. Aww, lucky you, I used to love reading Jean Ure's books when I was younger! I love when authors come in to schools to talk about their books and share writing tips! And if I met one of my FAVOURITE authors, I probably wouldn't know what to say to him/her either!

    Beverley x
    A Reading Daydreamer

    {I accidentally deleted my first comment, oops! Sorry I messed it up!}

  3. Hahaa, that's reassuring, lol!(:

    AAWAD (: <3