When Matalan Was Old Fashioned..

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Today I went shopping with my mother to Purley Way, and after I'd spent all my money on yesterday (post coming soon), she kindly offered to buy me a thing or two.. thanks mam(:

So I came home with...

new jacket<3<3
This stunnig denim jacket from Matalan, £18

 new shoes<3<3
Floral canvas sneakers, Matalan, £12

new shoes<3<3
I was skeptical of these at first, but I tried them on and fell on love! £14, Matalan

Now, yes, everything was from Matalan. I don't usually shop at Matalan because I think it's a bit old fashioned. But today has really changed my mind, and I can't really go wrong with my mother buying me them!


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    1. Oh no!): I'll retry to upload them in a minute..

    2. Shakira - can you see them now?

  2. Hey I'm your new follower! I love the clothes you buy and I think Life Of An Awkward Donkey is a really good blog name! My blog is thedramatispersona.blogspot.com, come check it out!
    -DP :)

    1. Hi! Thanks, means so much that people actually read my blog! Course(:

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  4. I saw those floral sneakers in there the other day, and was tempted to buy them. But my converse are still in mint condition... and they have squirrels on them, so they win hands down >U<
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