Continued... (with added music(: )

Would you like to listen to something whilst reading this? Well HERE YOU GO, I've put it up SPECIALLY FOR YOU(:

*continued from yesterday*

And Sophie nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award, so THANK YOU.

Marian also nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award (THANK YOU), and she also nominated me for the Toujou award. Here's what she asked me...

Favourite Flower?
Erm.. I don't really have one. But I like orange trees (no wonder), and they start out as flowers, don't they? *Dumb face*

Favourite Film?
I have GAZILLIONS of these. Like The Simpsons Movie and Mr Bean's Holiday and I think that Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging is quite good(:

If there was one thing you could do... anything... absolutly anything?( like go to hogwarts ;D)
Well.. I'd like to have magic powers... (see what you made me do by bringing up the 'H' subject... *tut tut*)

Team Jacob or Team Edward?
Jacob, obviously. I mean, COME ON, who REALLY wants a 100 year old man to be their boyfriend? SERIOUSLY!

How often do you paint your nails?(Weird question I know)
Every few weeks on a weekend in school time, but in the holidays I re-paint them like every day..

And then Nicola nominated me for the Adorable Blog Award, but she didn't put up any questions.. *evil growl*. And then she nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award, so THANK YOU.

I was awarded the Belle Award by Pink Lady, who asked...

Who is your celebrity heartthrob?
I don't really have one but Richard Whisker and Jamie Borthwick aren't too bad looking..(;

Fave Ice-Cream Flavour
Chocolate (with marshmellows and chocolate pieces and fudge pieces..)

All time favourite dance tune?
I don't have one. But, you know, that Reggae Reggae advert is quite catchy...

Stacey then nominated me for the Belle Award, and asked me these questions..

1. Did you ever think at any point 'I don't think blogging is for me anymore?'
Yes, when I came back from Wales and my views had only moved up an inch *death glare*

2. What are your favourite hobbies?
Listening to music, skipping ( (: ), jumping on an old mattress I found, eating chocolate, reading. Oh, and I LOVE *winning* competitions!! (visit here to enter my FABOO competition, with ACTUAL prizes!!)

3. What are your opinions on life after death?
... I don't think that we just DIE, because SOMETHING has to happen. Riiiiiiiight?

And then, I was just awarded the Simply Stunning Blog Award by Marian (THANKYOU), and there's probably a few awards that I've forgotten or whatnot..

SO, the people I'm going to tag are...

YOU. Yes, YOU. Because if you are reading my blog at this exact moment, then you must be very loyal and brilliant and I TOTALLY LOVE YOU. So, therefore, I am tagging YOU to ONE of these awards, of your choice. May it be Belle, Versatile, Toujou, Simply Stunning, your choice. But you can only pick ONE.

My facts are...

1. I LURVEEE my blog *virtual hug* !!

2. I painted my nails yesterday red, with the white bits of my nails blue.

3. I'm going to a donkey derby today!! SQUEEE!!

4. I need my hair cut...(:

And my questions to you are...

1.What's your favourite colour?

2.What's your favourite animal?

3.Whats your favourite number?

4. Have you ever heard of a *insert answer 1 here* *insert answer 2 here* with *insert answer 3 here* eyes?


Keep blogging!!!



  1. You still have to do the Diverse Blog Award, btw.

    1. If you remember rightly, you disqualified me...(;

  2. Not yet. ;) You didn't get back to me, I just asked for you to post a journal.

    However, when I posted that comment the picture was still in your sidebar. XD

    Feel free to claim it once more - if you follow the rules this time. ;)

    1. Journal? If you mean a full post then I can't because my blog diary is full up to December so my posting schedule is going to be tight...