Awards and Awards And Awards And... To Be Continued..

First up, I'm going to extend the competition closing date to the 5th September, but you'll still be told who the winner is on the 10th September. Welcome(:

I've got about fifty million posts that I want to do, and about fifty gazillions books that I have to review, so for today I'm going to be very blunt and do very boring answers until someone creates an award that you don't have to write about. And, I'm going to put all my facts and who I nominate at the bottom of the post, so I don't have to nominate about a thousand people and write about a thousand facts... okay?

This first one I was given to by Hikma over at  which was the Liebster Blog Award...

What's your favourite quote?
I don't have a favourite, but it'd probably be from one of my favourite artist's songs...

What is the most inspirational quote you've seen?
I've seen? Well, I haven't really seen a quote, so I'm sorry that I cannot answer this(:

Who or what makes you happy?
Chocolate, music, family.

Where do you feel most safe?
Anywhere where the music's so loud all you can do is be happy in your own little happy bubble... What? Am I the ONLY person that does this? REALLY?!

Who is your inspiration?
I have loads of inspirations, so I can't pick just one. But hey, you'll probably find out by the end of this post because I'm betting you're not the only person asking this?(:

If you had any super power, what would it be?
Luck. Incredible luck. That's what Stan Lee says as well *geeky face*

Who is your favourite book character?
Any that relate to me(;

Giveaways or competitions?

If you were a food, what food would you be?
Probably a hard boiled sweet that gets stuck in someone throat so they have to wash it down with coke and then it all spills out of their nose so they burst about laughing and then they realize that the sweet had fallen out of their mouth a LONG time ago..(:

If you were a leader of a country for one day, what would you do.
I'd rather be leader of the world for one day, but oh well.

If you were participating in the Olympics, what sport would you play?
Skipping? Rollerskating? Jumping on bed mattresses? I don't know, those are the only 'sports' I can do(: 

Next was Shakira (you see her blog button on her sidebar? I made that(: )  , so THANK YOU Shakira (there's no questions with this one *phew*)

Then  Pink Lady with the Versatile Blogger Award again, so THANK YOU.

Then Nicola with the Toujou Blog Award (see what she said about me on her blog(: )..

Favourite school subject?
English or Art or Design Technology or Food Technology.

City or countryside?
I live in the middle of the Nowhere Countryside, so YES, I'd go for City.

Save money or spend?
Oh how I'd LOVE to save, but I spend. I'm sorry, but for me it's IMPOSSIBLE to save...

Pens or pencils?
Pencils are easier, and you can actually WRITE ON THE WALL with them, whereas pens run out when you do that.

Early bird or night owl?
Early? ME? I find it almost impossible not to throw my alarm clock out of the window on school days..

Then Sophie--

Sorry, I'm going to have to finish this off tomorrow!! There's this really cool film on now called The Kid that I want to see........

SORREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! But in your spare time you could just, oh I don't know, ENTER MY COMPETITION?(:



  1. Here's another award!
    Marian :D x