First up, do any of you guys know how to schedule a post? I'll love you forever if you let me know(: *what a brilliant offer, riiiiight?*

And secondly, welcome to...


Each month I will dedicate ONE FULL POST to someone in return for one of mine. And this month's 



SOPHIE over at A Day Dreamers World!


Sophie asked me if I would base this post on promoting her blog competition, and so here's the rules..

  • Your story has to be 500-1000 words long(I'm not too fussy so If you go a few words over or under please don't go running around your house, throw your laptop through the window and scream in frustration)
  • It will need to be about a summer holiday experience.
  • It can be fiction or non-fiction-it's up to you!
  • It will need to be exciting, interesting, original and something that will keep people gripped.
  • My Guest Judge is Kate Maryon! The top entries will be sent to her to help me pick a winner!
  • Make it your own, but don't add any personal information
  • The closing date is on the 24th August!
  • You can email all your entries to my new email address especially for this blog a-day-dreamer@live.co.uk
  • Please add your blogs address to the email so I can find you easily if you win.
  • If you have any troubles with emailing me your entry or anything else just comment.
  • I have the right to change the prizes at any time.

And what are the prizes to Sophie's competition...?


  • The winner will get the chance to choose 10 questions that they would like to see an author answer in an interview with me! 
  • Your story will be posted to this blog.
  • Your blog button will be added to my sidebar.
  • Your very own guest post on this blog!
  • Other prizes to come!

Runner up:

  • The runner up will get the chance to choose 5 questions that they would like to see an author answer in an interview with me!
  • Your story will be posted to this blog.
  • Other prizes to come!

Cool prizes, riiiiight?

But I don't know why she asked me to base this post on her competition and post it today when it's just closed, but she asked for it so...:L


Anyway, THAT was today's...


If you want to do next month's....


with me, then just email me at theawkwarddonkey@gmail.com and we'll decide on a date and subject(:

Also, tomorrow Sophie's doing a...


about my blog, so if you want to check it out... *hint hint*


p.s. My competition is still running.. and thank you to everyone who has entered so far(:


  1. Yes I do;)
    On the left hand side when your writing a post it says 'schedule'' with a clock image. click on it then select ''date and time'' and set what date you would like it to appear and what time! simple! tell me if it works?

    1. OHMIGOSH THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:
      And by yes you do do you mean that you want to do the SWAP THAT BLOG! ? Just making sure because I'd probably start planning dates and everything and then you'd just be like 'erm, I was actually talking about Sophie's competition, you flaming pineapple!!'

    2. Darnit! ~slaps thigh in annoyed way~ I was meaning to enter that competition but the starburst of inspiration did not hit me at the right time :(
      By the way, Amy m'dear, I don't know if this is the same for you but on my computer the scheduling time thingmy is set to Pacific time - eight hours before us - so I have to schedule my posts for eight hours earlier than I want them to appear. So, if I want a post to come up at 5pm I have to schedule for 9 in the morning...geddit?

    3. I'll accept your entry if it makes it too me by Friday! :)

    4. -Emily, kinda *shakes head in confusion*... but the competition is still open? *meaningful face*

  2. I'd love to do a SWAP THAT BLOG with you! I'm now following! Thanks for commenting on RTSG! I will email you to see if you would like to do it!
    Charli xx