The Queen Answers YOUR Questions!!

GUESS WHAT? I'VE DECIDED TO WRITE TO THE QUEEN!!! I KNOW!! I'M BRILLIANT, RIIIGHT?! *stops screaming excitedly when no one agrees*

Anyway, I'm just going to tell her - or whoever replies - about my blog and everything, and I was wondering if anyone wants me to say something to her, from you? And just imagine if you get a comment off Kate and Wills on your blog? What would you do THEN?!(:

I'm going to send it off on Wednesday, so I'd like some replies before then please!(;

Anyway, I'm going to leave you with that thought, as I'm off to watch Fool Britania(:



  1. Ask her her true thoughts on the Olympics. Cause, I mean, it's not as if she looked vv happy during the opening ceremony...

  2. haha, sounds like a good idea! just to say that i've sent you my entry for your competition! hope you like it!:Dxx

  3. Could you please tell her about my blog and ask her what her opinion is on disability equality in the world, aha. :) Also I've always wondered what her favourite book is. :) Best of luck with the letter - I hope you get an awesome reply, it's a great idea!<3 :) xoxo

  4. Great idea, Hope you get a brilliant reply. Ask her what she actually does in her spare time, does she just sit on a throne, sort of ruling the country. Does she get time to read? Has she ever jumped on her bed?!
    Oh yeah and tell her about my blog!

    1. yeah tell her about my amazing blog! LOL and haahaaa Shakira how old is she that she would want to jump on her bed!! :)