COMPETITION WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First up, if I mention you AT ALL in this post, please will you comment below with your full blog address, because my computer isn't letting me access them from my favorites or from my blog *cries*... It's just that I'll add or re-add you to my sidebar, so please COMMENT if you want that to happen! Thank you!!


It has taken me FOUR HOURS to do my homework, and I still have EIGHTEEN PIECES left. Isn't that a bit harsh?! But anyway, here's my competition winners!

I still have a bunch of prizes left (posters, postcards from Keris Stainton, a signed book from Joanna Nadin, two more books from Keris, etc etc) because I did start off by giving each person like 80,000,000 prizes, so I'm going to save them for my big CHRISTMAS COMPETITION. Watch this space.

Anyway, promise that if you read this and you aren't  picked as one of my winners then you won't hate me forever and ban my blog from the center of the Universe?


So, my Runner Up is...

ORLI!! Who'll win a poster and a guest post for my SWAP THAT BLOG! in January!!

donkey on.jpg
 I chose Orli because I know how long it takes to create the donkey and everything, but it was a very VERY close call with Charli, Neevie, Emily, Nicola, Lucy, Kirthi and Shakira!

In Third Place is...

JESSICA!! Who'll win a book sent to her DIRECTLY from it's author KERIS  STAINTON, with it's own little postcard also from Keris!! She'll get a mini-review written about her blog by MOI and a  Guest Post for my SWAP THAT BLOG! in December!! 

I chose Jessica because she kept updating me, asking if it's okay, do you like it, is it alright, and I can just tell that she put a LOT of time into it!

In Second Place is...

MARIAN!! Who wins a SIGNED BOOK supplied by JOANNA NADIN, a poster supplied by KERIS, a mini-review written about her blog by MOI, and a Guest Post on my blog for my SWAP THAT BLOG! in November!!
Blog button 2.jpg
It would have taken Marian AAAAGES to create the donkey and the tree and the sun and the letters and everything, and she even sent in a second entry...

Life of an Awkward Donkey.jpg

And, in First Place is...



In First Place is...

JASMINE!!!!!!!!! Jasmine will win a SIGNED FRANCES HARDINGE HARDBACK BOOK WITH AN ILLUSTRATION AND PERSONAL MESSAGE FROM THE AUTHOR HERSELF, a poster from KERIS, Jasmine's winning blog button put up on my blog (what a privilegeriiight?), a mini-review AND a Guest Post for my SWAP THAT BLOG! in October!!

I love them both SO MUCH, I'm going to have BOTH as my new blog button! You can chose what one YOU want and put it up on your blog *wink wink* , and if someone else likes the other better, then hay-ho, they can put THAT one up!! (:

Jasmine also sent these two!

So if everyone who won would do me the honor of dedicating a post (or just a small section) to your winning entry and prizes, and favouritest blog ever *ehem*, then you might even score some brownie points for my big Christmas comp!(:

Also a MASSIVE thanks to CharliNeevie, Emily, Nicola, Lucy, Kirthi and Shakira, you will all have your button added to my sidebar (if its already added then I'll add an EVEN NICER description of it(: )

I liked Charli's one, and I think it's TRES clever what she said, but I know it only takes a few seconds to create on of these.

amy comp entry1.jpg, amy comp entry2.jpg 
I absolutely ADORED Neevie's ones, but I worked it out that she'd maybe spent a teesnsy less bit of time o them than my winners?

I liked Emily's one, but it hasn't really got much to it, and I think it was a bit hard to read. Also, the donkey's more cute than awkward(:

I loved Nicola's one, but I know that it's really easy to make. *sighs*

lifeofanawkwarddonkeybutton.pnglifeofanawkwarddonkey 2.pnglifeofanawkwarddonkey 3.png 
I liked Kirthi's entries, though not only are they quite easy to make, but Kirthi also lives in America..

Lucy's entry was so cute! But It'd have been quite easy to make, and it would have been copyright if I had used it.

Shakira's was probably the easiest to make? And it'd have been copyright too, so I wouldn't have been able to use it anyway.

I wasn't too harsh then, was I? Oh I'm so sorry! But EVERYONE mentioned on this page will be added to my sidebar (as I said, if not already), and if I do not get an email from the winners with their address within the next 7 days, then they will be disqualified and the prize will automatically go to the next person down - you you may still have a chance of winning if you didn't just now!

Are you guys okay? Not too shocked or upset? Or too happy and excited? You don't hate me forever?



  1. I hate you forever!!! Just joking, I'm not that mean!
    Thanks for mentioning me though and congrats to the winners!
    Can't wait till you Christmas comp!
    BTW none of the pics show?

  2. AHH! I'm not mad, don't worry :D Congratulations at finding your perfect blog buttons :) They're not showing up though...?

  3. Thanks so much! wow, I can't believe I got third!
    here's my blog address:
    It's a writing blog, but I often post my art up there too (which trust me, is waaay better than my computer stuff)
    I can't see the pics tho; what format are you using?
    Also, where do I have to live to receive the book? I live in Canada so is that okay?
    thanks! :)

  4. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!...Sorry lol but btw the pics don't show up? My blog address is: THANK YOU!! :D x

  5. Aww poo. The pictures don't show up on this post :/ I WANNA SEE 'EM!!

  6. NOOOO CAN'T SEE THE PICS!!! And thankies for comments on mine, I think that's quite fair. I have a button, but I don't display in a box on my blog, so will email it to you :)

  7. I think that's a bit harsh, I think you should have kept the criticism to yourself because they did bother to enter you r comp. Sorry I don't mean to be rude but you did ask!! I think your blog is awesome, funny, interesting and cool! Welldone X

  8. I can't see the pictures!! :( :( :( :( :(

  9. sorry 4got to mention my blog address is