America... *swoons*

Recently I've been reading a lot of American books and American blogs and watching American sitcoms and TV programs, and it really makes me wish that I was AMERICAN. I mean, COME ON, look at how much fun they have! They go to High School and then Elementary school, they're Freshmans and then Seniors, and they have so much fun at school and everyone's really good looking and the animals speak and teddies come to life and everything you say is funny and celebrities pass you in the 'mall'. Everyone has their own TV show, they're all destined to be models and you get puppies wrapped up for you at Christmas. Doesn't EVERYONE want that?

And it really made me think. HOW MUCH have books and blogs and TVs changed the way we think? If I'd instead been obsessed with Spanish cowboys and their trusty steeds, would I want to become a cowgirl?

*thinks so hard brain explodes*

BEFORE                                                 AFTER

Should we really change who we are to the way Companies want us to be?

Girls, it's time to fight back!!

*laughs manically because this post was so utterly pointless*



  1. Ah, I love this post! You describe everything perfectly! I really agree:)xxo

  2. Hey Amy... you have been awarded the Life Through Rose-Tinted SunGlasses Blog of the Week Award (or RTSG's BWA) ! Come collect now at RTSG!

  3. Haha, I think this is funny. I am American and I never thought much about being it.. I thought it was pretty boring! I want to be british and have a cool accent, most of America is boring subhurbs, but in England theres towns and LONDON! I like how british people use their words too.
    I will admit we have some pretty great TV, and some pretty pointless shows that everyone hates.
    I have seen a celebrity in the mall, they weren't shopping though, they were signing autographs. I live on the east coast in the state of Virginia, most stars live in California(:

  4. I would love to be American and go to High School! It would be so cool! There would be the cafeteria with all the different groups of people(populars etc) sitting on their tables, cheerleaders, footballers! It all sounds so cool! And I'd love to go to a mall too. Love this post but I think that our british accent is annoying because everywhere we go someone points it out though

    1. I don't think I've met an American that doesn't love to talk in a british accent.. we do it all the time, haha. I am kind of ashamed to say our lunch works in groups like you said.. its kind of horrible :/

  5. I'm pretty sure they go to Elementary first and THEN High School! :L But yes, i agree with you. We should probably all not watch as much TV. AHAHAHHHAAAAHHAHAAHAHAAHAHAAA!!! Like THAT'S going to happen! (:

  6. Oh and its Elementary school, Middle school, then highschool. I'm going to be a freshman in highschool this year!

  7. *glare* Why couldn't you give me my moment in just PRETENDING I know what I'm on about? (;

  8. I am Canadian. A VERY proud Canadian lol. I dunno, things aren't normally how they seem in tv and such... but I like our systems better. Ex: We have two schools (Elementary, High School) instead of three (Elementary, Middle School, High School)and Our number system revolves around tens instead of random numbers (12inches to a foot? 3feet to a yard?)
    Anywayyyyy... I think being happy where you live is best. The grass is always greener and all that :P
    At my school we have Juniors and Seniors... I think. Nothing's really all that formal. I mean, we have a cafeteria, but the people that sit there are in the minority. It definitely isn't big enough for all of the school... And besides, it's actually a "multipurpose area", so the tables are on wheels and have to be put away after lunch; so they're never in the same configuration twice. As for football and cheerleaders, those things exist, but aren't all that "big". Mostly soccer and basketball and whatnot. And strangely enough, the band kids are the most popular, because there are the most of them, and they know EVERYBODY. Plus they get to go on trips.
    (Also, if there was any culture I wanted to be part of, it would be Japanese. They think up the awesomest things!)
    So by the way, what's British school like?

  9. LOL! Me to. I actually am American but I was born in Australia