Revived by Cat Patrick

My forty-eighth book review this year is Revived by Cat Patrick.

Publisher: Electric Monkey at Egmont
Published: 1st May 2012
Pages: 328
Book: For Review
Format: Finished Copy
Contains: Mild swearing, drug references, mild violence

Genre: Thriller, Sci-Fi, Fiction

The world fades to nothing, and before I have the chance to think another thought...
I'm dead.

My name is Daisy West and my whole life is a lie.
I have died five times. I've beeen Revived five times. With each revival comes a new name, a new town... a new life.
But this time I won't let myself die.
This time, I've found a love that I can't let go.
This time, I'm going to make my life my own.

Daisy West. Daisy Appleby. What does it matter? 
When first Daisy died at the young age of five, she knew her life would never be the same again.  She was an orphan being brought up by Nuns, so when her chance comes along to have a new Dad, a new Mum, a new life, and all she has to do is keep quiet about her dark past, it seems all too good to be true. But her new parents are Agents, working on making the new drug Revive safe, so when you die, you can be sure that you'll wake up again the next day.
But when things start to fall out of place, and there's a new murderer in town, Daisy has to relocate. Again. And with her best, her only friend in hospital, can Daisy make something good with her new life?
And then Matt walks into her life. Handsome, sweet, kind, he seems to be the best boyfriend a girl could have. but when he asks her to steal from the Government, will she risk not only her life, but the life of her family?
And, when things get tough, will Daisy finally manage to face her fears, to kill the person once so special to her that she would risk her own life?

The first time I died, I was five years old.

This book was breathtaking. It was beautifully written, with suspense on every page. With its one-of-a-kind storyline, Revived will haunt any reader daring to pick it up. Addictive and original  Revived will keep you hooked till the very last page. 

As romantic as Shiver. As intense as Before I Fall.
Revived is unmissable.

Although Revive is brilliant, I did notice one or two flaws in it. On the cover it says that Daisy first died when she was five years old, but in the book (page 149) it says that she first died at the age of  four. Was this an error or did I miss something from inside the book? If you want to be really picky, I did notice one spelling mistake, and on page 282 it said 'Love, Audrey'. Unless this was a direct reference to the book 'Love, Audrey', I don't think they should have formatted it in that way as it immediately took me away from Revive and straight into the other book. Also, on page 84 it says, 'Lovely to see you again, Daisy,' Wade says as he offers his hand to me to shake.I fight the urge to roll my eyes or pretend to be British when I answer. Me being British myself, thought that it was maybe a bit racist to British people. But of course, that may just be my inner critic showing through.

I would rate this book an 8/10, and would recommend it for older readers. Revive was emotional and compelling, and I loved every second of it. I am so happy that Cat Patrick and her lovely publishers sent it to me to review. Thank you all so much for introducing me to such a wonderful book!

By the time I wake up, the house is quiet.

Everyone's gone.



  1. sounds amazingly good! LOVED before i fall, have you read Delirium, by the same author as Before I Fall? That's my favorite book ever! Will be checking this one out, and adding your button to my sidebar soon! :) Thanks!

  2. I've read this book and surprisingly I didn't notice the mistakes!! I loved this book too and found it very gripping and emotional. Cat patrick is a brilliant author!