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Yesterday was the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. Honestly, it made today seem RUBBISH. I would bore you with VERY deep details and bus times and everything, but I wouldn't want all my lovely bloggers to leave my life just yet. But, since yesterday I just ran home and scrabbled everything down on this measly computer, I AM going to give you very DEEP details, but with it being all un-spellchecked, and I'll 'bold' it all so you can all just skip past it. Welcome(:

So, here's a load of flabberjeejabber that I wrote when I was MEGA hyped yesterday, full of grammar and spelling mistakes...

OHMIGOD! Today was thee best day EVER! I woke up at seven and got up and changed, and by half eight me and my sister were lugging our bags into London. We walked all the way through Croydon, and then went to the trainline place-thing. Keira (my sister) bought me a big sausagee roll and some deep ridge cheese and onion crisps and a diet coke, and she bought a coffee, coke and bacon roll. We went on a train into London, and then we  went to the tube place and HAVE YOU SEEN THE ESCALATORS?!?! Well theey're like 50000000000000000 feet tall and Keia was  killing herself laughing as I tried not to plummet to my death, and then we went on thee tube. We had to stand up, and I had my head in someone's armpit, but we survived. Then, a lot of scary escalators and tubes and closing your eyes and they sped towards you just incase they swerved and you got flasttened, we arrived. As we got in, it looked like a little room. We sat down and filled out a form of what we wanted, we were lead into a studio. There was a girl in there and she diid our make-up. I went first and I felt a bit weird without my glasses on, and I squinted because I think that I also lOOk weird without them on. She pressed aa little too hard on the eyemakeup, and the lipstick burnt, but my eyes looked amazing and i just wiped off the lipstick. Then she straightened the side of my hair and teased the back of it and swooped back my fringe, and after checking that my blush and Caribean Cruise styled foundation was A-Okay, Keira went. I ate my crisps whilst wwatching and chewed some gum, and then a man came and lad us downstairs into another room. He was French (I think), and quite funny. We got changed (he left the room) and then we stood  about on the black maat with hium telling us what to do. But then he stopped, held out his hand, and I spat out my gum into it. He didn't wipe his hands on his jeans either which surpried me. We did some seperate poses, some together, and it was SO MUCH FUN! We had three outfit changes, and there was music on in the background. I may have covered the wooden floor in my sausage roll crumbs aand stole Keira's phone when she wasn't looking and put up on her BBM status how much she loves me..(: Then, after a bit of persuading, I finally got Keira to take me to Harrodss. We wwent on yet another tube, and there were two American's ssitting oppastite me.  might have listened into their conversations, but their ACCENTS! I swear I had a goofy smile on my face for the whole ride. We got off at Harrods, saw a giant Mummy, a Diaana and someone elsse memorial thing, LOADS of jewellry and perfumes, and on our way out I was smelling deliciously of men's aftershve. More tubes and escalators later, and we were walking back down the street to the Makeover studio. I asked if we could have a McDonalds and Keira said after, so I was RWEALLY looking forward to that. We got in, said hello, reminded them about how we were the best clients ever, aand chose which photos we wanted. We went into anotther room and checked them out, and fionally deccided on one of us laughing together and another one of justt me (apparently keira looked ;wrinkly'). Keira payed £50 towards the photos now, and she'd pay another £2100 next week, so unfortuanately we COULDN'T HAVE A MCDONADS! We went back on the tube, and  a man oppasite was just staring at Keira looking amazing in her makeup, but she ddidn't seem to notice. Then, we got home and all I had left of the day was a dodgy hairclip that I'm guessing the hair person didn't mind giving to me. There, at Keia's, we talked about how hard the make-up artist had pressecd on our eyes, how we had no chanpayne, how it was like £999999999999 more expensive than sshe'd said, how we hadn't got our free meal, and just how overly rtubboish the makeup artist was. But, tthen again, the day was absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!! It's DEFINITELY in my top ten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you want to count all the spelling mistakes, or just send me to the Blogging Police?

Today's post was going to be my Other Interview Of The Month, but I kinda had no one to do it.. Though I have got a small interview with a woman from PETA, if you want to hear that..?

Why don't you have a UK PETA magazine? 
PETA distributes a magazine called Animal Times, which covers information from all of our international affiliates, including PETA U.K..Members can receive a year’s subscription to the magazine after making a donation.

Why don't you have a PETA Adotion centre in the UK for animals you've saved? 

PETA is a non-profit animal rights organization, not a shelter. We help these animals by focusing our efforts on getting to the root of the problem and educating people about the importance of spaying and neutering their animal companions.
How do you get the money to ship out free stickers? 
We run solely on donations from our 3 million members and supporters!
Why don't you send stickers to the UK? 
If you send me your full name and mailing address, I can have some stickers sent your way. :o)

Are your McCruelty 'facts' COMPLETELY true? Because, wouldn't the Health Ministers or whatever have closed them down by now? 
Yes, they are completely true. Check out this latest undercover investigation for more answers to your question: http://www.peta.org/b/thepetafiles/archive/2011/11/22/mcdonald-s-sneaky-little-pr-move.aspx

How can I work for you when I am older? 

Apply. :o) http://www.peta.org/about/work-at-peta/default.aspx

APPARENTLY you save animals from factories, but set them free and they die anyway because they can't look after themselves. Is that true?!?! 

Absolutely not. I really, really hope you would know better than to think we’d do something like that! The animals we save who are suitable for adoption are often fostered and adopted by our own staff and/or PETA members. Check out this blog to read about a horse we saved from slaughter and found a permanent home for: http://www.peta.org/b/thepetafiles/archive/2011/05/04/thoroughbred-rescued-from-slaughter.aspx.

What does PETA stand for? 
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Can I give you donations? 

I believe that animals are on this Earth for us to live on, as it's nature. So why do you think going Vegetarian is the best option? 
Animals are not ours to eat, wear, be entertained by, to experiment on, or to abuse in any way. They have the capacity to feel pain and suffering in the same way that all animals do, so if we wouldn’t eat our dogs, why should it be okay to eat murdered cows, pigs, and chickens? Check out these videos to see why eating animals is anything but “nature”: http://www.meat.org/

Will PETA research that animal research centre, because there may be loads of animals in danger!!! 
You’ll need to give me more information here, as I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

Could I ever do wwork experience with you? 
See my answer to question six. :o)

Do you get payed for being PETA Staff? 

Can you tell that I did that interview AAAAAAAAAAGES ago? And I think that I started to annoy her by the end, but I wanted to be one of those Animal Super People that swoop in on animals being held ransom or whatever...

Keep dreaming!*


*New tagline. You likey? Or want-to-put-in-a-bin no likey?


  1. That day sounds really good, but I live in London - so I'm familiar with all the escalators and stuff :P I've got a new blog button by the way :)

  2. taglines! why, Amy, why?! You seem to think that you NEED one...~facepalm~
    Anyways, I'm off to have a look at those links the woman gave you. I'm a little apprehensive at what the McDonald's one is about...

  3. Glad you had such a good day :D. That sounds like soooooooo much fun!
    I'm Hermione, and a new follower! I love your blog! Can't wait to read more from you!