Shining Gift

First up, me and my friend Rebecca are starting out our own cupcake business! With business cards and everything! We even went to cooking club today!! Just letting you know, because do you want me to post an update of Why Cupcakes (our cupcake business name!(: ) each month, or..?

And we've now got Talk Talk instead of BT as our internet supplier thingamagig, so this computer is now really slow and rubbish... and I read back yesterday's post - cannot BELIEVE how many 'but' s I wrote in just like one sentence! Sorry!

AND I went on my blog at the library at school today, and the writing was all slanted and horrible and hard to read... is that what comes up to you?

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you guys about this AWESOME online shop I found today - it's called Shining Gift, and is on the wonderful Etsy that I'm sure you all know of..? 'Coz I practically LIVE on it!

So, my top five Shining Gift pieces are...


Iphone 4 Case, Pink Mustache Iphone case, Iphone 4 Hard Case, Black//white polka dot iphone 4/4S case

For £6.54, this moustache iphone case is LUSH! I am totally IN LOVE!


Vintage Style Loving Rings, Teapot and Cup, Adjustable Ring

This LURVELY ring is £2.54 and is just so ickle and pretty! Imagine wearing THIS on your finger!


vintage style elk deer antlers bracelet

£3.17 and worsth £30.17! Completely vintage and stylish, this deer bracelet is AMAZING!


Harry Potter Golden Snitch Ball locket WATCH with Double Sided Silver Wings

The golden snitch! It's only £2.54 and looks ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Don't you think?!


Antique Pocket Watch Necklace, curved Leaf

Look at this! A close call with the Mockingbird one (Hunger Games, Inspired Arrow,Bird, Mockingjay and Peeta Pearl Roman numerals Pocket watch Locket Necklace), this £3.17 watch necklace is TO DIE FOR! And my birthday's on the 30th December, hint hint...(;

What's your favourite?



  1. Hey Amy, just wondering if you mighhhhttt enter my Halloween writing comp? Pleeeasssee? Will be your e-best friend for life if you do (and who can turn down me for a bff?)
    Charli x

  2. Cute stuff. Can u please follow my blog.
    A Sunny Spot-

  3. I have the golden snitch pocket watch ;)