Diane Messidoro Three Day Worship - Day One

Diane Messidoro is a VERY good author, she even sent me a birthday card with little presents last year! So, I've decided that it's only fair that I dedicate THREE FULL POSTS to her. I did send off like 17 GAZILLION questions, but some were a little personal (like, 'have you ever peed in a swimming pool?'), and, thankfully, she hasn't answered them. Some questions were taken from books, some were requested, and some were even made up by your very own Awkward Donkey. Tomorrow will be the other half of questions, and then an awesome review on How To Keep A Boy As A Pet by MOI. And then maybe a personal word from Diane(;


What's your favourite animal?
Apart from boys? Cats, although I’m also a big fan of tapirs. A lovely friend of mine adopted one for me on at London Zoo, I never got to take it for a walk, unfortunately, but I have a little tapir reminder of him on my desk and I let him out to run around on the grass every day!

What's your favourite TV show?
Mad Men. Brilliant writing, super-stylish and set in New York (my favourite city apart from London) It also stars my second-favourite (after my pet husband) pet man, actor, Jon Hamm, who plays the dastardly Don Draper.

What's your favourite band?
Ooh, tough one, I’ve got quite a few – Radiohead for rainy days, Warpaint (fab all girl grunge-rockers) for dreamy nights, Faith No More and Tool (metal) for running, Abba for singing and doing the washing up, I could go on, and on and on…

What's your favourite smell?
My pet husband’s gorgeous zingy aftershave. And fried garlic. Yum. Oh, and I love the smell of horses, weird, I know.

What's your favourite shop?
Liberty in London, it’s just gorgeous, with creaking wooden stairs and galleries lush  fabrics, stunning fashions, boots (which I’m bonkers about, though I can’t afford to buy them there) and vintage furniture. Even the lifts are fabulous!

What's your favourite drink?
The first strong black coffee of the morning.

What's your favourite sweet?
Scottish Tablet (like extra sweet crumbly fudge)

What's your favourite cereal?
Creamy porridge with honey.

What's your favourite movie?
Oh so hard, but I’ve always loved the comedy, ‘Some Like It Hot’, with Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe.

What's your favourite word?
Varies, but today it’s ‘pizzazz’.

What's your favourite book?
Also varies, but I love Stella Gibbons’ ‘Cold Comfort Farm’.

What's your favourite accent?
I have to say French or I’ll get into trouble (my pet husband is French!)

Have you ever got a haircut that was so bad you had to stay indoors for a month?
YES! Six weeks before I got married – argh! I went a bit mad and had my long blonde hair cut really short in a crazy spiky style. It looked so awful I had to scrape my hair back on my wedding day and hide it under a long veil.

Have you ever been bitten by an animal?
Yes, I was  bitten by a grumpy horse called Comet with HUGE teeth when I was working at a stables when I was about 13. I had a massive bruise for a month.

If you could have the power to read people's thoughts, would you want to?
Definitely not. My own thoughts are confusing enough!

What's the worst thing you ever ate?
Cat food, a friend’s mean big brother convinced me it would be delicious (I was five).

What's something you wish you were brave enough to do?
Ride a huge motorbike. I took one lesson a few years ago, but I’m too scared of the mad London traffic to venture out on to the roads.

What's the most boring sport to watch on TV?
Golf. Yawn.

If you could go on a shopping spree at any store, which store would you choose?
Liberty on Regent Street.

If someone wrote a book about your life, what would the title be?
‘Gosh. Really?’

Do you believe in unicorns?

If you ever got to meet a unicorn, what would you ask it?
Are you actually a unicorn or just a horse wearing a fancy spiky hat?


Interview to be continued tomorrow, and a bunch of photos to be put up that will BLOW YOU OUT OF YOUR ROCKING CHAIR(:



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