Ahh!! I'm running around like a headless chicken!! Will you hate me forever if I move today's post to tomorrow? *'sorry' face*

I'm about to go down the the music challenge thing with my family, so this post needs to be MEGA quick!!

Okay, so I'm just going to post up a new song I wrote... Imagine me singing it at the O2 Arena..(:

Here I a-a-ammmm,
On my sa-a-aaaax-diddly-ax-aphone,
As ke-e-eeeeen as a daaaaaawg (dog) with a b-o-o-oneeeeeeee,
And when I pla-a-ay my sa-a-aaaax-diddly-ax-aphone,
It's just me and my m-u-u-usic...

Okay, so it needs a little work.... And it sounds much better singing it in the right tune.

Happy Saturd-a-a-aaaaaaay!!!