The Puffin Twentieth-Century Collection Of Verse ~Monthly~

For those of you that don't know, I LOVE my 182 page BIG BOOK OF PUFFIN POEMS!!! I ADORE it!!! And, you lucky people, I'm going to share with you this month's top poem!!(:

Homework! Oh, Homework!
I hate you! You stink!
I wish I could wash you away in the sink,
if only a bomb
would explode you to bits.
Homework! Oh, homework!
You're giving me fits.

I'd rather take baths
with a man-eating shark,
or wrestle a lion
alone in the dark,
eat spinach and liver,
pet ten porcupines,
than tackle the homework,
my teacher assigns.

Homework! Oh, homework!
you're last on my list,
I simple can't see
why you even exist,
if you just disappeared
it would tickle me pink.
Homework! Oh, homework!
I hate you! You stink!

WOAH! This poem is SO truthful!!

You like?



  1. hahaha it certainly made me chuckle :)
    Sorry I haven't been about in a while.. been prepping for my friend's AWESOME surprise party!
    It wasn't really much of a surprise tho...
    but it was great. The main theme of the night was: "...And we're like this WITHOUT alcohol???"

    1. AND YOU DIDN'T INVITE ME?!?!?!?! I know you're in America and everything but still... :/