Gone A Twinge Off Track.

WOAH, you guys sounded so worried about my 'interview'! What did you expect the job to be? Infant School barf cleaning? Robber of All Things Good?

Well it WASN'T Infant School barf cleaning. And it wasn't to be a Robber of All Things Good.

My Interview was for...


Oh yes, you heard right - I interviewed to work at a VETS!!!

It may not be THAT exciting, but it's my first ever job! 

Well, except from when I did dish washing for the church and it was £10 per hour, but that didn't count.

Anywhooo, I SURVIVED the interview! The woman showed me around (except for the radiation room as I'm underage) and I tried not to reach out to the animals with their wounds and give them all a good hug(: But I'm sworn to secrecy about the pet owners, so there's no more goss from that side of the story(: 

And I'm starting in...

JANUARY!! Because I'm too young at the moment (I need to be 14, and I'm 14 in December). 

I even got my English teacher to give me a statement for it, which I didn't think he'd do at all! Oh, and I gave the woman my business card(:

Oops. I didn't mean to go on like that.

So, here's my Little Green Seed ~Monthly~, even though my camera is incredibly shake sensitive, so LOADS are blurred as I can't hold my hand in mid-air trying to grip an eensy little camera.

Little Green Seed!


Look at how big he is!



And just for the fun of it... Lenny my Cactus!

And Benny my Cactus!

And Steve!

My dog!

Teddy Bear Patrick Williams(:


I know that my new camera is immensely rubbish, but it's only a day old so give it some time(:

My hair absolutely STINKS of fire, and do you know why?

Because I went to the club (it's a restaurant/ pub at the bottom of my road) with my family, and when I lent (sp?) over to write on some paper, my hair caught on the candle and burst into flames. It was only alight for a second, so I don't need to wear a wig or anything. I'm just going to give up trying to grow it.*huffs*

AND  don't think I told you but a few days ago we went down to the Club only to find that it was celebrating a 40th birthday!

Yep, and we totally crashed it.

There were snacks everywhere, and it would have been rude to leave them untouched. And then everyone sang Happy Birthday to Skinner (???) and I was just like 'Well done, Skinner! Made it to the ripe old age of 40!' And they all just turned to stare at me like WHO ARE YOU? It was a complete Essex MEGA FEST, with them all blonde and bouncy and armed with accents. It was nice to be a part of their family for just one day though(:

Hmmm. I seem to have gone a bit off track.


p.s. Have you guys done your Christmas lists yet? Mine's completely done, printedf off several times for each family member, complete with instrucions and full colour images. Post up at Christmastime!

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