First up, we had to UNINSTALL Google Chrome because it totally KILLED my computer. So, I hate to tell you all that I told you so, but... hey, I told you so! *pokes out tounge*

Anyway, ready to compare?

TV Programme

This month's TV programme is...

The Big Bang Theory!

I never really understood why people like this show so much, but now I realise. If you have not seen it, GO GET YOUR LAZY DONKEY OVER TO YOUR TV SCREEN NOW!!! After voting in my poll, obviously.


Spaghetti Bolognaise!

I used to HATE spaghetti bolognaise, but I had it today and it was AMAZING! With the cheese melted into it and the sudden bursts of tomato here and there... *does a Homer Simpson styled 'mmm'*



You're probably all like WHAT?! WATER?! But next week is WATER WEEK (post coming tomorrow), so you'll hear all about it's brilliance then(:


Clothes designing!

I've started designing my own fashion range, and I've got 14 outfits so far. I'll start a monthly thing where I can show you what I have, but until then you're just going to have to wait(:


The Twilights!

Remember I told you about Twilight Day? Well since that I've been HOOKED, and I'm going to order a few review copies, once I've reviewed the other 16 I've been asked to do... (sorry if I've agreed with you - I promise I'll do them straight away!)


WOAH, I have SO MANY great ideas!
Firstly, I'm going to sort out my guitar (the C string snapped when tuning yesterday - gutted!) and write some songs.
Secondly, Why Cupcakes is on it's way to stardom! We're going to get personalised aprons, and then bake our first official batch next weekend!
And thirdly, I'm starting Rollerskating! Well, you all know I'm already a skating sensation *wink wink*, but my cousin's school has a rollerskating club so I'm going to that aswell as my normal lessons! It's kinda just for students, but they'll never know...


This month's Best Blog has been SO hard to decide! But I'm going to HAVE to go with Ink Dropperr! Click HERE to read Marian's FABOO blog!



P.S. Spellchecker broken again *glare* . Tell me if there's any spelling/ grammar/ sentence mistakes please(:


  1. Google Chrome wrecks your computer?? My mother installed it to ours, and I'm using it right now. So far, it is significantly faster than Explorer and my only quibble is that I cannot find a Favourites action. So I can't keep hold of the sites I like. The only one is Bookmarks, which is not the same. *sniffs* But I like it at the mo ... I just hope it doesn't start deviating with the hard drive ...

  2. Hmmm, we're less alike than I thought :S
    Mostly because of my complete inability to design anything clothes related lol (I always have to copy from somewhere when drawing :P)
    Also that slight disagreement with Twilight... but ahem, no judgy.
    But I must agree that Big Bang is one of the best shows EVER. Although in Bio (thanks to one of my best friends cough cough) everyone refers to me as Sheldon... It's because I have partial OCD I think ^^