STORYTIME - The Weekly Witchery, Part Two

Okay, so I wrote Part Two at school, so it may not be as good. If you want to find Part One, click HERE, and if you're not on Google Chrome *glares at stupid Chrome button* then you SHOULD get there in SECONDS(:

It didn’t even notice me at first. I just stood there, in the doorway, listening to the creature cry. Then it looked up and screamed. A sharp, painful scream that shot right through my body. 
‘Shh, shh, calm down,’ I tried to reassure it. ‘I’m not going to hurt you… whatever you are.’ 
The creature looked up. ‘Close the door.’ 
I kicked the door shut with my leg and sat down on a small lump of wood. In the corner was a girl with long black hair, snow-coloured eyes and eyelashes as long as spiders legs. 
‘What’s wrong?’ I asked her. ‘Why are you in here? Shouldn’t you be out playing with your friends?’ 
‘Friends?’ She asked. ‘Don’t you know who I am?’ 
I shook my head. 
‘I’m Megan Downfall.’ 
‘The Witch?’ 
She shook her head vigorously. ‘No no no! I am NOT a Witch! Even though I’m meant for this week’s Witchery, I have NEVER practised Witchcraft!’ 
‘You’re here for the Weekly Witchery? But you’re only young!’ 
‘I’m nine. They’ve lowered the age to eight now, saying that they’ll burn us before we curse the town.’ 
‘Nine? Nine!’ I stood up and hit the wall with my hands. ‘How can the Mayor get away with this? Won’t he get caught?’ 
‘Didn’t you hear? The Mayor’s dead. They said the Curse killed him. We now have Sir Jerald McHagan. He was one of the Villagers. But then the Curse killed his wife and, well...’ 
‘But…’ I stopped. ‘What are you going to do now? You can’t stay here for the rest of your life!’ 
Megan looked miserable. ‘No, you’re right. And I’m going to run away.’ 
‘Run away? You can’t run away! The Mayor, I mean McHagan, will kill you!’ 
‘But think of the news. Maybe all the publicity will stop the Witchery. Because this just isn’t right.’ 
‘Hmm...’ I thought about it. ‘But you can’t go on your own.’ 
‘Yes. I know’ She wiped her arm across her snotty nose. 
‘Will you come with me?’ 


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  1. AHA! I KNEW I would convert you! This is what I have been TRYING TO SAY TO YOU: A<3 is ENOUGH to make this blog FABULLANAMANAMOUS!! *notentirelysurewhatthatwordmeans* Now there'll be no more foolish talk of smiling and dreaming will there? Good. My work here is done. ~self-satisfied smile~

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  3. I'm on chrome and it's perfecto! LOL... unlucky you!