Craft Of The Month - This 'ickle fella!

I've emailed Laura from Bugs And Fishes to ask if I could post about her FABOO owl brooches, and she said that I can only LINK BACK. I was GUTTED, but I didn't really fancy ignoring her email and getting sued for copyright. 

So, visit to see how to make THESE cute little things!


Here's the template too, as she said I could add one or two of her images(: >>

Aren't they cute? They'll be perfect for a stocking filler for Christmas this year, don't you think?(:

Comment below, and then email me a pic of yours for my 'Fanmail' page!*


*Noticed my new colour scheme, design, and tabs? I designed it all by myself(:


  1. I really like the new design - 'tis lovely. And THESE BROOCHES. I absolutely DIED AT HOW CUTE THEY ARE. I'm making these! :D

    1. *Blushes* And yes PLEASE SEND ME A PICTURE OF IT!!


  2. I am SO making these! They look absolutely ADORABLE!
    Yes, they will make a goos stocking filler...
    Erin x

  3. I would LOVE to make these :D :D