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Sorry today's post has taken so long for me to post, but I've just been watching The Help, and I'm still recovering after crying my eyes out at the ending...

You have to see it. It's immense.

Oh, and we cut my dog's hair today. That you do not want to see. No more home-grooming for us. He looks awful. No other comment.

Anyway, this month's

Swap That Blog! 

is Marian (Mars) from Inkdropperr! *round of applause*

Grab my blog button

Inkdropperr is a blog about making, baking, creating and any other know-how things you'd like to do. She's Irish, but does not know Colin from The Simpsons Movie (typical), and I'm not even remotely sure whether she even likes The Simpsons or not,even though it'd be a crime not to.

She's hosting a Competition at the moment, and here's what it's about...

1) Write a short story about anything. But it MUST include at least one of the following words:

2) You must create the cover of that story as if it were a book. This may be hand drawn then photographed OR computer arted OR you take the photograph your self (so also a bit like photography competition as well)
3) Email to  inkdropperr@gmail.com
4) Closing date Halloween
5) (SUR) Prizes are via post along with probably an interview or guest post or I'll think of something.

So now I've gone through all that effort you have to enter(:

And here's what Marian said about my blog...

It's the 28th of October and I shall be discussing the third blog I ever followed: Life of an Awkward Donkey!!!!!My Blog Button... Go on, add me to your sidebar..(;I'm sure all of you have heard of this.. what does she call it again..(ah yes) her FABOO BLOG! Her first ever post was on the 30th of January and has since then reached a GIANTASTIC (in my opinion) 56 followers (and rising). Honestly I'm not surprised. Her blog posts are filled with humour, randomness, recipes and many many book reviews.  She is a wonderful character which can be seen clearly through her writing. I often find myself clicking to her link after a long day of school just to see what weird and wonderful thing has been zooming through her life today. I love her witty sense of humour, her very amusing post titles and her yummy cupcake background. She has published 187 posts (wowza) and has still 33 unpublished! 
Her blog awards are piling up and she is quickly rising to stardom - even has her own business card!

This is the Life of an Awkward Donkey

She's so kind! *blushes*

And I dyed my hair dark brown today after deciding I'll go ash blonde (blonde or blond?) next time, even though this colour isn't that noticeable because of the red I used last time ):

AND, can you believe Jade went out on the X Factor? I LOVE that song, but that stupid boy band kicked her out *growls*... one looks like he's had botox, one looks really young and bleurgh (even though he's older  than me..), one's got a chubby face and the other one I feel sorry for because he's amazing but he's stuck with them...

Me? Opinionated? No..

And p.s. I'm scheduling a review for you tomorrow because I'm sleeping round Rebecca's house to make and sell our first ever batch of WHY Cupcakes on Tuesday! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Comments make me smile!(: *


*Emily,  apologize deeply. But I cannot resist. I NEED a tagline.


  1. Haha! Thanks so much for referring to my competition! And yes, I do like the Simpsons!!!
    Marian :D x