Free Books, Anybody?

Aha! That got you reading this post, didn't it! Sorry, but I couldn't find a title to suit today's post... *sighs*

Ahhh! My stupid broken camera is making you guys miss out on EVERYTHING!! Now you'll never read today's Little Green Seed ~Monthly~ !!! ARGHHHHHHHH!!

But don't worry, I'm buying el  new-o camera-o (ignore my slightly ill-fluent Spanish-o) tomorrow, so you won't have to wait long..

And I just checked my views and I'm only like 50 away from reaching 8,000! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Also, I've got a job interview on Monday!! My FIRST EVER job! YIPPEEEEEEEE!! Although now I've told you I'm probably not going to get it.. :L

AND, my business cards came today! I've got 250 for me, I've got 250 for WHY Cupcakes - me and my friend Rebecca's new cupcake business - , I have a stamp with my name on AND I have a little card holder! I would show you the pictures but... I HAVE NO CAMERA!!!):

Hmm... I seem to be updating you today... Want to know what's been going on? Welll...

YOU HAVE NO CHOICE(: *evil face*

I've got my skating club tomorrow, and I think I've FINALLY cracked the Outside Edge on my skates. Basically, you have to lean over on one leg so far you think you're going to fall, hold it, straighten out your other leg behind you in a T-Stop position, keep your back straight and upright, and then spread your arms behind you like a bird. It is PAINFUL with a capital P, but you know, if you want to become an internationally famous professional award winning artistic roller skater like me, you've got to do this sort of thing(:

I have a meeting with my school's head of Social on Tuesday because I might actually GET A ROLLER RINK FOR MY SCHOOL!! I've sent out petitions and sorted out a load of various meetings, and hopefully I'll manage to persuade my headmistress to build it(: SQUEEE! And my roller coach will give me a bunch of papers tomorrow to give to her because he might actually be prepared to teach skating at my school!!!!! *jumps with joy*

I'm putting up another poll STRAIGHT after this, so it'd be BRILLTASTIC if you voted in that too, as it's going to be a monthly thing.

AND, look at these!! >>

And THESE!!>>


But at like £8,0000000000000 (Google declares that as $128096000.0000 in dollars) per boot, I don't think they'll be flying my way too soon...

And it's only 71 days till my birthday! December the 30th, here I come! Unlike last year, I haven't planned private jets and aeroplanes (sp?) spelling out my name with clouds (unsurprisingly, none of that happened.. *sigh*), but instead I'm planning to go ice skating at Winter Wonderland in Swansea or London,

Love it!

, maybe go into London for a shop, and then have dinner with my family and go to a zoo or something. But as I say, it's still very unplanned, so I'll probably end up begging for a limo ride or something...

And, because I couldn't resist, these are the first ever rollerskates>>



p.s. don't forget the poll! It's at the top of my left sidebar, and you don't need to sign in or anything so...(:


  1. Replies
    1. Love the skates! I'm getting a new pair for Christmas but instead of inline the one's with the four wheels. Exactly my question Emily! What job, is it an audition for acting or something?

    2. Don't sound so shocked lol! And you're going to have to wait to find out...(;

    3. And Sophie, do you mean Quads? I never knew you skated! What ones are you getting? And no it's not acting or anything like that, but like I said to Emily you're just going to have to wait to find out!(:

  2. Cool, which job is your interview for? Also, why business cards? And a cupcake business?? God, your life is so much more interesting than mine. Super-mega-dega good luck with getting a rink installed in your school! That'd be awesome!

    1. You'll have to wait and se-e-eeee!(:

      WHY Cupcakes - the cupcake business me and my friend Rebecca are starting up(:

      Thank youuu! And yes, yes it would(;

  3. JOB?! ~jealous face~ WHAT IS IT?!