The Day The Music Died...

Firstly, I bought some blue mascara today and it looks AWESOME! :D And then we went to an art gallery (me standing there, hand on hip, other hand on mouth, nodding and saying 'Oh yerrrsss, I can really read what this artist is trying to portraaayyy...') so I could show it off.

Anyway, here's a story I wrote in English. It's not very good, but after abandoning you yesterday I think I owe ya'll something(;

The Day The Music Died

I sat there in the trench, humming the tune of 'The Day The Music Died.' My little girl, Sally had written it for me the day I left.

The deep blue sky filling up with stars,
Go on, make a wish, no matter how far,
When I grow up I'll say my daddy survived,
I'll say my daddy and the lullaby lived,
   The day the music died.

"Jenkins! You're up!" Shouted Fletcher, dragging me out of my dream.

I hauled my lazy body out of the trench, and walked over to the front line.

When I grow up, I'll say my daddy survived...

I stood up tall and held out my gun. Aiming low at the other side, and then closing my eyes, I pulled the trigger...

"Man down! Man down!"

I'll say my daddy and the lullaby lived...

I jerked my eyes open, to see a blurred figure in front of me, being dragged away.

I looked down at my hands.


I'd killed him.

But wait. why was I bleeding?

I looked down, a hole through my stomach. The gun the wrong way round.

I fell back.

My head lolled.

The day the music died.

Happy half term, people!



  1. Hey Amy,
    Just wanted to tell you that instead of annoucing the results on a post, then doing the publishing of the stories of the days, I will announce each one on the day. So, the 1st prize winner will know on the 31st, the 2nd prize winner on the 1st, the 3rd prize winner on the 2nd. Also, I have to make the other prizes, so if you win, they will be emailed to you by around the 6th, the 10th at the latest.
    Charli x