Everyday Person Of The Month

So, for this month's Everyday Person Of The Month, as it was such short notice *pfft, I so DIDN'T forget...* is... MY MOTHER! It was really weird as I had to try and be formal in true journalist fashion, and since the computer shows no emotion as to what her voice was like, some of the answers are quite blunt... ENJOY!

Hello, Mrs Williams, how are you today?
Fine thank you.

What do you work as? 
I am a school cook.

What do you have to do in that job on a day-to-day basis?  
Prepare and cook dinner and dessert for 200 children. Make sure the kitchen is clean and tidy. Do lots of paperwork. Take care of the ordering and deliveries and making sure my staff do their jobs and are happy.

Do you enjoy it? 
Love it!

Do you get payed much? 
Not at all!

Is it hard? 
Hard, heavy and demanding.

How long have you wanted this job? 
Didn't want it but the hours fitted in with my daughters schooling.*

What were your previous jobs? 
I have been a professional chef and restaurant owner, a singer and a long time ago an estate agent.

If you could be anything else in the world, what would you be? 
A journalist.

Do you have any advice for young people aspiring to be what you are? 

So, there you go!(:


*That's me, by the way!


  1. Aww this is soo sweet! I wouldn't be able to stop laughing if i was interviewing my mum! LOL :D

  2. Hi,
    Allow me to introduce myself. My name is my Abbie and I am the blogger of Abbie Piano. I've been following you for a while and absolutely love your blog.
    Your interview with your mum is really sweet but really funny too. If I was interviewing my mum I wouldn't be able to stop laughing.
    Please check out my blog and I'd be really happy if you could follow it too. -Abbie.

  3. So cool! Swap That Blog with you in only 2 days, YAY! Mega excited!