22nd, 23rd, War Poem and a BRILLIANT Skinny Love Cover..

There was no post on the 22nd because I went to the Beer And Wine Festival (LOVED it - couldn't stop dancing, and now I'm signing up for saxophone lessons(: ) and then the 23rd was Twilight Day where I just stayed in all day watching all the Twilight films back-to-back...

Anyway, here's another War Poem I wrote for English...

They said I wouldn't make it,
Said I wouldn't survive,
They said I'd ought not fake it,
Said to keep away from lies.

They said my heart'd stop beating,
Said my lungs would explode,
They said I'd give up eating,
Said I should do as I was told.

They said I would stop walking,
Said that the others would all mock,
They said I'd give up talking,
Said I wouldn't last the shock.

They said I would stop breathing,
Said I'd better behave,
Now I know they weren't just cheating,
As there's no view from my grave.

Whatcha think?!

I was reading it in time to THIS and I think they go perfectly together(:


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  1. Brill poem!

    You left me out!!!! www.bookblogandstuff.blogspot.com

  2. You left me out!! Not ur fault though As I have a button but not on my blog. Will email it to you :) Can't wait to do Swap That Blog with you in only 4 days!

  3. Sorry! I've just put you up(:


  4. yhh I'll add a link :D
    (when I get time)!
    soo much homework:(

  5. Amazing poem! I love how it rhymes tiwce in each verse - and the last line is very powerful!