War Poem, Competition Entries, And A Big HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO To The Weekend!

First up, do you guys wanna hear a poem I wrote in English about the war? It doesn't make much sense, but I knew you'd want to see it!(:

The sky was a thick oily clack,
The clouds were orange and grey,
As I heard another gun shot,
I thought back to The Day.

Mother was weeping, sorely so,
Dad didn't raise a brow,
Sister smiled and patted my back,
But they didn't want me to go.

On my way to the Trench From Hell,
I opened up my bag,
Inside I found an envelope,
Which made me angrily mad.

'Dear Joe,' was written on the front,
I'm surprised Mother had gone that far,
But on the back it said, 'from Dad,'
I ripped it up and threw the pieces to the floor.

Day One I saw my best friend get shot,
Hanging off the building by my hand, he said,
'Please don't let me fall,'
Just as the bullet went through his head.

The doorway to our bloodied camp,
We still had to do more,
Pushing back what I thought was a curtain,
Was a dead zombie hanging from the door.

Kicking through the broken limbs,
I sat down on my own,
Wondering what the letter had said,
Wishing I was home.

And I think I've FINALLY managed to upload all the entries!


My runner up was Orli!

donkey on.jpg

In Third Place was Jessica!

In Second Place was Marian!
In First Place was Jasmine!

And all my other entries...









And now, we have OFFICIALLY started the weekend(: You can just sit back and relax, stuff yourself silly and not worry about homework deadlines and assemblies you have to lead next Monday and Tuesday...



  1. Blah, I have to think about homework still cos I missed Wednesday lessons and have to do that work... :(

  2. I thought the poem was REALLY good! :) great job, new follower. So sorry I missed the competition but I appreciate you telling me about it. Let me know of others in the future please! :)