This month's SWAP THAT BLOG! is...


Charli is from the FABOO blog Life Through Rose-Tinted Sunglasses, which has been running since 16th June 2012 and has written 59 posts so far. I would put up her blog button but she hasn't emailed it to me yet... *glare*

Oh wait!  just found her blog logo-type-thing, which is on like her fifth ever post, so here it is!

From now on, I'm going to write a poem for the blog owner of my monthly SWAP THAT BLOG!, so... here's Charli's!

Her blog is unlike the rest,
She started the 'Just One Page' campaign,
And today her bag leaked in the rain, (click HERE!)
She likes the Black Eyes Peas,
She doesn't feel strongly on cheese, (right?)
She has 3,159 pageviews,
She's done one or two book reviews,
She sometimes updates us on the news,
She's never EVER done an interview, (yet)
She thinks my blog is witty! WOOHOOO!(:

Sorry it's not one of my best pieces, but I had to scroll down the page to find out her views and everything so my flow was...

And since she SPECIFICALLY asked me to write about the Just One Page campaign, here's what it is in her own words...

"I want to get everyone reading- whether it's a story, fact book, magazine or even the menu at the cafe. So join me in my quest to get everyone reading... Just 1 Page! The promise is in the name: It's a pledge to read a page or more of something, every day. It doesn't take long! "But it's boring Charli!" I hear you cry! But it isn't! You can travel the world within 5 books, or just go to a boarding school for 2 terms if you follow a series. Reading is amazing... you can go abroad for only £5.99... It would be great if everyone who pledgers puts the logo on their blog, whether with a message and link or not, or at the end of a post. You don't have to, but I would appreciate it!"

I've already got the button on my sidebar, but I'm going to say it  anyway...



*Email me at theawkwarddonkey.blogspot.com if YOU would like to do SWAP THAT BLOG! with me sometime(;


  1. OMG love it! By the way, cheese is OK. It's not evil, but I'm not keen on it any more. And, that is my blog button! Was about to email it to you :p And my poor exercise books have been rescued. Oh, and I'm doing an interview soon too!

  2. Do I get to do the blog swap cause of the contest? :3