How To Be A Fashion Geek (3-in-1 post)

As all you American's know, yesterday was the legendary Thanksgiving. See my latest Thanksgiving post HERE! whilst I go cry in a corner.

Anywho, I've finally decided on my Christmas outfit! WOOOOO!!!! Here it is:

Melissa Metallic Leopard Print Skater Skirt - Boohoo , £18. Isn't is gorgeous? And wear it over THIS top...

The gold studs of this Isla Basic L/Sleeve Top will match the gold on the skater skirt. Also from, £12 .

Black (Black) Teens Black Wedge Desert Shoe Boots | 264232701 | New Look
And these Black Wedge Desert Shoe Boots, $14.99, may have a smaller wedge from what I'm used to, but it'll be practical and I can wear it anywhere, any time. 

And LOOK at the price! Less than £40! :#

And then for my birthday I might wear printed leggings and an embroiled jumper (just like the FG's do it!), with some brown wedges. Or I'll just spend the day in a printed vintage onesie. Ahhhh... *dreams*

Anyway, did you know that Primark has it's own website??? :O It's , but you can't shop online on it.. ):

So, since this is a fashion post, I thought I might as well upload the new style...

Geek Fashion!

Oh yes! Take the geek jumper:

Bunny jumper!
This one's from Mint, and if you match it with a collar underneath, then you might just happen to look just as good as THIS:

^ From Andrea Pola.

Then, you add a leather skirt...


And add patterned leggings...


And some bright red brogues...

Bright red to split up the colour. Fearne Cotton.

And, of course, your glasses...

^To match your shoes. Wayfarer.

And TRADAAA!!! You are now sporting the new a/w12!!

You are now certified as a FASHION GEEK!

You lucky thing!



  1. I'm just a geek full stop so I'll have no problem ;) x

  2. Love the clothes! This is a bit random but you should soooo start a newsletter! It would be amazing and there are loads of sites you can create them for free on... If you don't think you should start one, at least start a poll to ask everyone else their opinions on having an official awkward donkey newsletter! Oh and I have patterned leggings like that!

    1. Chloe - what do you mean by newsletter?

    2. Like an email one... I think Shakira has one on her blog :)

    3. Oh yes I do! It's on my left sidebar (Follow By Email, it's called), you just need to subscribe to it(: