NO THANKSGIVING!! And Interview With Hazel The American

Right, first up, my family isn't celebrating Thanksgiving. 


And yes, so we live in England, and England doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, but my family could have bought a turkey or something, so I could at least pretend I'm a world wide famous New York actress.

Honestly. They really won't celebrate Thanksgiving. We may never have celebrated it before, but that's not the point.

So, here's the closest I'm going to get to my Thanksgiving.

I bring you...

Hazel The American.

Hello Hazel, if that is your real name? 
Yup! That's my real name.

I found you via a website stating the top best teenage blogs. How do you feel about that?
It's very flattering! I don't know if I'm one of the best teenage bloggers, but it's so nice that someone else thinks that!

How did you get for your blog to be so famous? 
I think the illusion is that my blog is famous, but it's really not. I have very few followers compared to other blogs! It's not a super recognizable blog. I think my blog is sort of well known because it's been picked up and noticed by other websites (like UO) so I've gained attention through other (cooler) blogs that like mine. 

What do you do on a day-to-day basis? 
I'm a college student, so I go to class in NYC. Then I write for Rookie, Urban Outfitters, my blog and other places on the web. I also intern at Paper Magazine, so I'm writing and working there some days. When I'm not studying or writing I'm going to shows in the city, festivals, watching movies, etc. with friends!

Do you enjoy blogging? 
Yes, I love blogging! It's too fun.

Do you have your own book? 
Nope, not yet? Though I don't know what I would write a book on if I had the chance to write one.

Do you get payed for blogging? 
Yes, I do. Lucky me!

Would you consider yourself to be 'famous'? 
Nope. Just a teen girl with a blog who writes for the 'net! 

Do you believe in unicorns? 
I really want to believe, but I don't think they exist. Too good to be true, I guess.*

What do you see yourself as in ten years time? 
I want to be writing about art for a magazine in New York City. Vague and stupidly aspirational!

Do people nag your for autographs? 
Oh no! No nagging at all, and nobody is asking for autographs. I'm never recognized from my blog. During the Rookie Road Trip girls did, but never nagging!

What made you title your blog Bonjour Girl?
 Bonjour Girl is just "Hello Girl" and it seemed cute and welcoming and aesthetically pleasing as a blog title. Nice ring to it. A lil' French in there.

How old are you? 
I'm 18 years old.

Do you have any pets? 
Yes, I currently have a young pug named Johnny and a black cat named Salem. 

What's your inspiration for blogging? 
I like sharing things that I love, whether it's a movie or a weird painting I found, so blogging is just an extension of that. 

Who's your role model? 
Culture creators, writers and artists like Kim Hastreiter, Tavi Gevinson, John Waters, and more. 

Are you American? 
Yup, born and raised.

How can Life Of An Awkward Donkey be as good as Bonjour Girl? 
Just write about what you truly love and don't worry about how many followers you have. If it's genuine, it'll be good.

Do you have any advice for young bloggers? 
Don't blog too much, but don't abandon your blog too early on either.

Thank you so much for this interview!(: 
No problem-o!

She's ACTUALLY American. I quote, 'born and raised'. In 'NYC'.

Dang nabbit, ya'll, I am so feakin' jealous!**


* *cries*

**Sorry if you are American. I mean no offence by my really-rather-quite rubbish fake American writing. 

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