Monthly Wishlist Countdown

I know I know! I'm inhumadrangedraly behind on my calender-ed posts, but I promise to catch up tomorrow!(:

So, to catch up from the beginning of the month, here's my monthly wishlist!

The ASOS donkey ring!

GAWD, it's absolutely DIVINE! I wish wish wish I could have this, but it's out of stock! *cries*

Next up is piano leggings!

They are just SO COOL! And, with some clashing shorts, they'd fit PERFECTLY into A/W12!

Speaking of A/W12, next up is Company Magazine!

I'm SO buying a subscription to this magazine, as not only does it extend my fashion vocab ('A/W12' for example), but it's an easily affordable £2!

Also, I need an accessory to become my new statement. And so I thought... a bowlers hat!

Cute, yet practical, they are the new fashion statement!

As ya'll know, I sometimes forget that I'm Welsh and not American. (Take my 'ya'll's for example) Even with the big American election a few days ago, I was like 'I'm so glad we did the right thing for our country. I don't know how us American's would have survived without Obama.' Even my bedroom is plastered in posters of New York and Manhattan (where I want to base my own fashion magazine & cupcake shop)! So, when I saw the American doughnuts in my local Tescos, I just couldn't resist.

Oh yes, I am completely 100% addicted to the American craze of 700-calories-per-bite doughnuts. And I'm proud.

Do ya'll agree?


p.s. I've got an American blogger to interview, I found her from the TOP 25 BEST BLOGGERS or something like that, so be prepared for a FAMOUSITY!!

p.p.s. I've asked Rylan Clark if I can interview him.*

p.p.p.s. Blogger's being stupid and duplicating all my pictures, so sorry about that:L

*X-Factor. Still in. Don't know why. Thought he'd jump at the chance. He ignored me.


  1. I'm sure he's just so excited about the prospect of being interviewed by you that he lost control of his fingers so he can't reply. :P x

  2. Wow look at those leggings! And those DOUGHNUTS! I can feel the weight gain (but total bliss) from just looking at the picture ;)
    As for your interviews: an American blogger?! Oooohh!! Make sure you, er, give a link to my blog ;) as for Rylan, don't worry, his name isn't even a real one XL

  3. Lol, you are one of the funniest random person I (kinda) know. That Rylan comment with * made me laugh so hard - not sure why though.
    I absolutely adore those leggings! Their going on my christmas wish list!
    Marian :D x

  4. That's so funny! You asked to interview Rylan???? LOl!
    Though I can't believe he's still in.
    How did you ask him anyway? Twitter?
    And those leggings look soo coool!