Happy Halloween!

GAHHHH!!! My stupid computer!! It wouldn't let me post!! So I'll do my famous-ish interview tomorrow! SORRYYY!!!

And there's something else wrong with my computer and it won't let me upload my camera photos of my Halloween costume designs... *glare*

So anyway, here's a song I wrote for Halloween. It may not sound too good without the melody, so just try and imagine a nice tune for it(:

Happy Halloween,
It's time to scream and shout,
Warn everyone that today's the day the ghosts and ghouls come out.

Children knock upon the doors,
Nagging for some sweets,
Wondering if they're gonna get a trick or a treat.

But the people give them goods,
Then go back to their den,
The children go to another house and do it all again.

But this isn't a house,
It's a big old grey church spire,
And beneath it is a little girl being drained by a vampire.

The children race back home,
Try to warn about that place,
But unlucky for them, all their minds had been erased.

So maybe stay inside,
On this dark Halloween day,
Lock all the windows, all the doors, and hope the monsters keep away...

Dun dun dunnn!!

What did ya'll do for Halloween?


p.s. NOW what's happened to my poll?? Why's it saying I only have ONE vote?????


  1. I have emailed you the award image :) soz for any probs before :/

    1. I haven't had any email, did you send it to awkwarddonkey@gmail.com ? And couldn't you just comment with the actual URL? Because I've Googled the award and there isn't actually one up online, unless it's on a draft or something?

    2. And did you start it up or just pass it on?

    3. I did email... But never mind, let's forget the whole award :(

  2. I started singing that song with a happy tune but when it got to the bit about vampires killing little girls it wasn't quite appropriate!