Review on Mollie Makes

Here's another review for you, you lucky people!

This is a brilltastic art book stuffed with Christmas crafts which will leave you buzzing with ideas for those little Stocking Fillers this year.

Publisher: Collins & Brown
Published: 4th October 2012
Pages: 96
Book: For review
Format: Finished copy, hardback
Genre: Arts & Crafts
Contains: Suitable for younger readers, may need adult supervision with sharp instruments

This gorgeous new book from the team behind Mollie Makes brings together ten designers and makers. We asked them very nicely and they have put their crafty heads together and come up with over fifteen exclusive Christmassy projects just for you. With inspirational ideas for handmade gifts, cards and decorations we've got Christmas all sewn up. Includes a variety of crafts, with full instructions for knitting, crochet, sewing and papercraft projects, as well as ideas on how to turn your junk-shop finds into festive wonders. Each project is accompanied by clear step-by-step instructions and beautiful photography, with hints and tips on personalizing your makes, ensuring that your Christmas is unique, just like you. Here's to a crafty Christmas!

This book was filled to the brim with Christmassy ideas - Christmas cards, Christmas decorations, gorgeous little gifts - this book had it all! With easy to follow step-by-step instructions and images, you knew exactly what you had to do. Over 20 ideas to spoil you and your family this Christmas, all you'll need to spend your cash on is fabric and card to make Christmas special! 

Mollie Makes Christmas is a clever little art book, filled with detailed descriptions for each piece of artwork that you can create. By the end of it, you'll know exactly how to make cute little presents for your family that they can treasure for years... And you can always make something for yourself in case you get jealous of your family members flaunting your gift about!

I would rate this book an 8/10, and would recommend it for anyone who loves art and craft although younger children may need adult supervision.



  1. Thanks! I think my little-ish cousin will love this :)
    ~ Ruby

    1. With parental supervision if she's too little(;

  2. Looks gooodddd..:) And in answer to your question no another blogger did it for me. :)
    Also how did you come about reviewing books for this publisher?

    1. I was flicking through a Christmas gift book that had come through the letterbox and I saw it in there and it looked amazing, so I found out the publishers and emailed them(:

      Lived up to my expectations(;