How To Make A Felt Heart

For this month's Craft Of The Month, I'll be showing you my guest post at RTSG! Enjoy!!

Amy's Guest Post: How To Make A Felt Heart

Amy won 1st place in my Halloween comp, winning her a guest post, here it is!

Hello there, my name is Amy-Anne Williams and I have travelled far and wide from my own dear beloved blog to visit you all and your glory. You may know me from blogs such as Life Of An Awkward Donkey , and other world wide sensations.

Hmm. Guest post. What do people normally write on guest posts?

Ah. I have it.

How To Make A Felt Heart
You need: Felt, needle, pen, cotton wool, scissors and normal cotton.

First of all, place two sheets of felt (roughly about 15x15cm each) together, and with your pen draw a heart shape on your top layer. Then, with your scissors cut along that heart shape over the two fabric sheets. Once you have done that, you should have two pieces of fabric in the shape of hearts. Then you place them back together, and start sewing up the sides. When you have about 3cm of gap left, you stop sewing and stuff the heart with cottton wool. Once you have stuffed it so it is lovely and soft, you finish up the last stitches. Then you should have one homemade felt heart.
Tip: To make it more homely, try sewing their name onto the front at the beginning, or add a few buttons!*

Hope you like it!(:

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*Sorry for the rubbish instructions and lack of images...

There you go(: 


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